Rear brake switch

Hello all, I'll be getting my Brammo Enertia tonight, if all goes to plan!  In test riding it, myself and the owner realized that the brake light does not illuminate when the rear brake pedal is depressed.  I realize this is probably a switch issue and… Go to Source

**reserved** potential resolution for continuing motor glitches

I'm continuing to experience motor glitches on my 2012 S, and talking to Zero about options for a more permanent resolution. I'll update this post when I have more information that is ready for release… Go to Source

2013-2014 sealed motor replacement for 2012 bikes

I'm now on my third round of encoder glitches with my 2012 S. I contacted Zero yesterday, and was told that Zero is working on a replacement motor of the 2013-2014 design (I believe 75-5 as used on the 2013-2014 FX) and mounting brackets to replace the… Go to Source

Mission Motorcycles splits into two companies and delays production

The Mission Motors/Mission Motorcycles/Mission Electric saga continues:… Go to Source

Empulse triple tree stand pin size

What size pin is needed for the Triple Tree Stand? I'm looking at getting this set: Go to Source

Considering a 2014 Zero S

A few things have kept me out of the market. 1) Long charging times with built-in charger. I realize they want to idiot-proof the charger, but this is ridiculous. 2) Lack of faith in built-in BMSes. It's an oddly short warranty on the battery. It's lik… Go to Source

My bikes first 10k

A nice milestone, even if it is a way behind a number of riders here, and I did not put all of these miles on myse… Go to Source

A Yamaha electric leaning trike?

The question is why? Go to Source

DS power usage correlation

My wife and I have enjoyed riding our 2014 DS bikes through the redwood forests on the southern San Francisco peninsula. She has an 11.4 DS and I have the powertank 14.2 DS. Mine has the sporty windscreen and the "torque" 25T drive sprocket, all that a… Go to Source

2014 FX 5.7 low power, errors, etc.

After searching this forum quite a bit and finding some really good stuff, I figured I would ask for input about my '14 FX 5.7, which is now pretty much an MX.  This bike was bought used a few weeks ago with 219 mi. on it, already converted for dirt us… Go to Source