Where can I find a 2013 R?

OK, full disclosure. I have this good paying job (finally) and am digging my way out of a financial abyss. I am actually pretty much there. Now, I am looking to build my credit up and not looking to keep this job for much more than another year, assumi… Go to Source

Brammo Empulse v. Tesla Model S at Laguna Seca

Eric Bostrom rides the Brammo Empulse against the Tesla S. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F8gJG-wkpdE Go to Source

Empulse prices slashed by 5K

DANG, I feel like I've been shafted! I don't even qualify for trade-in program. http://www.greencarreports.com/news/1094120_brammo-electric-motorcyc… Go to Source

Brammo’s latest patent filings "unveiled"

From India's "leading intellectual property tracker" http://www.bananaip.com/sinapse-blog/2014/09/brammos-latest-patent-filings-unveiled.html Quote In … Go to Source

Riding beyond maintenance schedule…how dangerous?

The odometer is past 600 miles, but my local dealership had to move my maintenance appointment back two weeks.  How dangerous is it to continue to ride beyond the maintenance deadline?  I've seen another Empulse in for maintenance one thousand miles la… Go to Source

Tesla’s battery gigafactory location announced

News reports this afternoon say that Tesla will announce tomorrow that the location of their new battery "gigafactory" will be outside Reno, Nevada. Go to Source

Parts request

I need brake light switches for Turbo as the rear banjo pressure switch doesn't work and the front brake master cylinder was replaced with a yamaha dirtbike one which doesn't appear to have a switch inline with it or a means to install one. -_- Anyone … Go to Source

2011 Zero X – Cafe Racer

Bars reversed… front fender removed… headlight added… [img]https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-ERd5-RBcEwY/U-9-eWE… Go to Source

One month old… 2011 miles on my SR

And the seat seems to be comming loose. Whenever I hit a big bump, a loud squeak comes from somewhere; I assume its the seat since the fit of it is so poor.  Besides  that, the rough ride and far-from-comfortable seat,  I'm pretty happy with the bike. … Go to Source

Dirting up my 2011 DS

Hi guys I bought this 2011 DS couple of weeks a go it was Dead! zero volts on the battery. The previous owner said he left the key on and killed the batt by accident. So at that point it was going to be part and the price was right. Well the bike was … ...