The ‘interesting’ part of my commute

First commute with the Empulse, just the interesting part of it. Small roads, some parts wet and/or dirty… Commute on Brammo Empulse R Go to Source

Brammo Empulse … with a white seat?

Check out this Brammo Empulse on display at eCarTech Munich this week: Thoughts? Impressions?  Anyone know what they did to get the seat that color? Go to Source

oset 24" concept bike

Onboard charger starts but not charging

I'm trying to charge my SR using the standard charger and after turning on,  the green light on the dash flashes three times and then stops. It then tries to restart again maybe 20 seconds later but goes through the same 3 flashes and does nothing othe… Go to Source

Brammo at EICMA Next Week

Brammo is going to be at EICMA next week. Will they announce 2015 models? Let the speculation begin… Go to Source

OSET e-moto announced

Here are a few words and photos regarding OSET's new electric motocross MX-10 model designed for the racing small fry:    http://ww… Go to Source


OSET MX-10 :

The Glitch is Back. . . . Again

Had the second recall firmware update last May, really didn't ride the bike at all this summer, no problems riding practicallly daily this fall until this morning . . . And the glitch hits like a ton of bricks. Rough running, loss of power at speedLos… Go to Source

Aerostich cover

I was looking through the 2014 Aerostich (.com) paper catalog, which has a cover made up of many snapshots of motorcycle riders, when I happened to notice a photo on the second row from the bottom, at the right hand side of the cover, that shows a yell… Go to Source

After Market Accessories for Zero

Hi any high quality suppliers you recommend that can fabricate carbon fiber tank covers and other parts for a Zero SR ?  Go to Source