Brammo accessory "custom" windscreen……???

The windscreen pictured on the Brammo website – 2014 Empulse Gear & Accessory page is on indefinite backorder with no ETA according to an unnamed source at Brammo.  I'm guessing(?) Brammo just shows a picture to see if there is going to be any interest… Go to Source

Olin Rear Shock for Empulse R

If any Empulse R owners have gone to an Olin or other brand manufacturer for the rear shock, I'd like to hear about their experience.  I was hoping to find a softer spring for my Sachs shock but the search hit a brick wall dead end.  I'd also be intere… Go to Source

A Shifty Approach to Riding the Empulse

I realized the other day that the Empulse has fundamentally changed the way I relate to using a transmission on a motorcycle. With my ICE bikes, I always started off in first gear and ran up through the gears in sequence to whatever gear was appropria… Go to Source

More and more appalled by ICE vehicles

Riding with the Empulse R for two weeks now and I am convinced this is the future developing as I ride.Filtering trough traffic, right up to the line at the traffic lights.Waiting for the lights to turn green I look around me:100's of  tons of steel … Go to Source

Anyone have one in Knoxville TN?

Curious to see one… Go to Source

Anyone have one in Knoxville TN?

I want to see one in person.  With the end of year sale I may be able to get one. Go to Source

Market Value for a 2012 ZF6

Can you guys chime in and tell me what you think the value of a 2012 ZF6 with 7500miles on it, should be.It is in showroom condition with some accessories (top box, side panier, LED front and back lights, windshield) Go to Source

Brammo Empulse R Satus new Driven 200 Km Colour grafietnaked 2014

I'm selling a Brammo Empulse R motorcycle. When you have any questions about this Brammo Empulse R please contact me.This is a new motorcycle just driven 200 Km. Located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands EU. Price: € 12.500,= transport costs are NOT incl… Go to Source

Empulse Color Mods

Anybody know where I can get these green parts?… Go to Source

Brammo Empulse in green

This is from the "Mischief Movie Series (Official) Page" (anyone know what that is?).[img width=600 height=600]… Go to Source