Leather jacket

Any body purchase the CLASSIC ZERO TECH LEATHER JACKET$299.99? Any feedback about fit, quality, etc would be appreciated. Thanks Francois Go to Source

Honda / Nissin front brake shoes; goodbye screech, hello stoppies

The Honda 45105-MY6-415 brake shoes (Nissin TT2501HH, for '15 CRF250R among many others) went on the 5.7 FX today.  The OEM ones that came off were Nissin TT2508HH.  The new ones look metallic, the old ones probably organic (to my non-expert eyes). The… Go to Source

BRD, now Alta Motors and still nearing production

BRD has changed its name to Alta Motors and is still working on their production off-road electric motorcycles, which are finally predicted to be introduced next year and will be sold by individual franchised retail dealers.  Here is the latest:  [url… Go to Source

Can’t get key to ‘lock’ position

So I just received my '14 SR a couple days ago. Yesterday I tried to use the fork lock but I can't remove the key. I move the bars all the way to the left, depress and turn the key counter-clockwise; the fork locks, but the key won't go all the way to … Go ...

Brammo Secret Library

Does anyone know if there are Empulse components that draw parasitic power when the ignition is off?  Or,  is this another question hidden in the large library of Brammo proprietary unknowns??? [/size][/size] Go to Source

Any pics of the inside of a late Zero battery?

Does anyone have any pics of the inside of an EIG cell battery for a Zero X/MX and know the cell configuration? Go to Source

Smaller front sprocket source (either belt or 520 chain) for ’14 FX

Is there anything out there available in 1" shaft finished-bore?  I've been looking for a while and haven't found anything at all, except a few shops that'll make whatever I'd like, at a price I likely won't. Belt: Gates Poly Chain GT (appar… Go to Source

Rideout planning

Our typical rideouts today are more or less according to the same schedule. 1. Trip to the meeting point (20km to 120km from home) on highway45 minutes waiting for the others 2. first part of 60km to 100km or 2 hrs30 minutes stop to get a drink3. s… Go to Source

From 1 cylinder to 0 …

Hi, I will be picking up my yellow Brammo Empulse R on friday My name is Mark, I live in the Netherlands.Most rides will be commutes, the Empulse replaces a rather loud MZ Skorpion Sport (my neighbours will be so glad!). I also own another MZ an… Go to Source

Strange noise riding in the rain

Hi,The past few weeks I have been trying to figure out where a strange noise comes from when riding in the rain. And just to make it clear, the rattling only appears when the bike gets wet.What I am hearing is a rattling sound at acceleration from st… Go to Source