Bobbins installed on swing arm and footrest area

Guess I d not like these empty threaded holes in the swing arm, so I installed some red bobbins. They are also handy when it is time to change the rear tyre. A pair of black ones went into the holes behind the footpegs. These are meant to jack up the … Go to Source

Digital Dash

So far I have enjoyed riding my new Empulse R.  The one issue so far is the dash. I find it very difficult to see the KWh reading during the day. I wish some other options were available including maybe a graph type display with a little larger image. Go to Source

Proud new owner

I am the proud owner of an Empulse R Spec 32 Eboz number 4.  I was lucky enough to find it at Eurocycles of Tampa Bay.  As far as I can tell,  I am the only owner of an electric motorcycle in North Florida.  I hope to change that as I am promoting the … ...

"What is Half Elon Musk, Half Evel Knievel"

Interesting clip on Bloomberg this morning…….… Go to Source

"hot" 12V connection

Could get a significant break on my bike insurance if I were to install a burglar alarm but would need a “hot” 12V connection to provide a continuous primary alarm power source. I know of the provided “accessory” (live when ignition is on) 2-pin white … Go to Source

2013 Zero S exterior lighting overhaul featuring Cree LEDs

Every piece of external light (minus the taillight) I made myself using Cree LED emitters. A few additional features that aren't shown in the video are: When the brake light comes on the turn signals illuminate to 100%.  If you use the turn singal whi… Go to Source

How to fix blank 2014 LCD display

After having my Zero SR on a trailer on a few wet drives my LCD display no longer displays anything. I've opened it up and dried out the water inside which fixed it for a while but now it's permanently blank. Has anyone had a similar problem and is th… Go to Source

Our motor controllers could become much smaller, lighter and handle more power.

Here is a development, using 3D printing and silicon carbide, that could greatly help improve electric vehicle drive systems. [url=… Go to Source

Zero Support

How are people’s experiences of Zero support for those early adapters who purchases a 2011 or 2012 bike?  I have a 2011 and feel that I’m a good ambassador for Zero, being friendly and answering questions where ever I take the bike. However lately I f… Go to Source

Video: Zero Upgrades Customer Service

Here is a video that is clearly advertising a company called SalesForce, but it appears as though it streamlines the dealer interface with the manufacturer and with the customer.  They talk a lot about sales in the video, but it appears as though it wi… Go to Source