Brammo Empulse R reviewed by Motorcyclist magazine

The December 2014 (!) issue of Motorcyclist magazine contains a non-instrumented 4-page review of the 2014 Brammo Empulse R starting on page 44, should you wish to check it out at your local newsstand or just check your mail box.    Go to Source

Electric motorcycle riding in Israel

Here is a nice article by a doctor who rides a Zero FX in Israel.  He explains why he like riding electric after years of IC riding.  Although he rides a Zero, his comments would apply to any electric motorcycle or scooter.    [url=… Go to Source

FX in Israel

Here is a link to a nice article by an FX riding doctor who lives in Israel: Go to Source

New issue on my 2012 DS – clicking/clacking sound

Yesterday I started hearing a clicking/clacking sound. Can't tell where it's coming from. Happens at low speeds, or at least that's when I can hear it. It isn't constant, a bit like a loose piece of gravel rattling around once in a while. In a 100 yard… Go to Source

Arthur Kowitz article Go to Source

Video: Blonde girl installs chain oiler on Brammo Empulse R

I couldn't agree more, great addition to any chain driven bike.and pretty good promo vid. Watch it on [url=… Go to Source

Zero DS tours in South Africa

Somehow in my google surfing I came across this interesting site. Guided motorcycle touring in South Africa on Zeros: Go to Source

First Ride

For fun I photoshopped my 6 year old girls on my DS. Go to Source

Huge breakthrough in fast charge long life lithium batteries!

This looks very significant. 70% charge in 2 minutes and a 20 year lifespan for lithium batteries. I'll bet Tesla is following this one. http://me… Go to Source

IDEA: Eco Mode

So I was riding a long trip trying to maximize my range and I had an idea. We have sport and standard mode why not an Eco mode. Same regen braking as sport mode if not harder (who needs the hand break lol) with the same torque delivery as the standard … Go to Source