compares the Brammo Empulse…

to the Zero. Go to Source

Another emission free "around the world in 80 days" race

In 2016 there will be another emissions free "around the world in 80 days" race. Teams are starting preparations now and more info about the organisation can be found here: is a bi… Go to Source

Looking for extra charger for Zero MX 2011

Anybody have a extra charger to sell that works for my Zero MX 2011? Go to Source

Ordered a windscreen… or better.. Fly screen

Not from Brammo, didn't like the design. but I needed something to compensate for the top case.. With the trunk, the Empulse looks a bit "tail heavy" [img width=600 height=420];topic=2754.0;attach=1168;… Go to Source

Motor efficiency curve ?

I just saw a graph about the Model S motor efficiency curve, which explain the increased range of the 85D. What's the efficiency curve of the Zero motor? Go to Source

2014 SR Regenerative braking occasional glitch(?)

I've had my 2014 SR for just over two weeks now and I've had a curious issue with the regenerative braking on a few occasions. Typically I ride in Custom with all of the settings maxed with the exception of "engine braking" regen, which I have set to 0… Go to Source

Forbes magazine on electric motorcycles

Here is a two-page article by Forbes India magazine discussing the future of electric motorcycles.  It contains quotes from a couple of industry representatives, including Zero, but nothing from Brammo. [url=… Go to Source

MOVED: Italian Stallion

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Italian Stallion

Saw a Bloomberg video this morning on the Italian "Energica" electric which besides being a little too sleek looking for my taste and its 150 mph top speed capability (where are wings?), the most serious drawback, my opinion, is the lack of a gearbox, … Go to Source

"The Tesla of Motorcycles" claims…

I keep seeing articles talking about "the Tesla of motorcycles".  It's kind of annoying when they use it to refer to a bike that doesn't outperform nearly every other bike in a similar class the way that the top of the line Teslas do. But now that the … Go to Source