Breaking news for a one off! One for the UK members

Streetbike have contacted me to say that have a 2014 11.4 S on the shop floor. I have NO idea how they have managed to lay their hands on one, but they have one none the less. Its in black, and frankly if I had the money I'd trade my 201… Go to Source

2012 Brammo Enertia for sale

I have a 2012 Brammo Enertia for sale in southern California (DTLA) with less than 1,000 miles.  The bike is in excellent condition and I have just not had the time to ride it.  The color is black.  I am asking $5,000 and can arrange for a test drive i… Go to Source

Italjet electric bicycles

Italjet is back in business and making some pretty nice looking electric bicycles, along with a sexy video to promote them: http://news.motor… Go to Source

2014 Test-Ride – Better Late Than Never

Last month I was in Los Angeles for a convention – so I stopped by Hollywood Electrics to check out the bikes. Harlan and his colleagues handed me a helmet and the keys to a 2014 S ZF11.4. Finally I got to experi… Go to Source

Enertia Classic Luggage Rack and Tail Tidy

I bought a used 2009 Enertia Classic in Sept 2014 and have made some mods that make it a much more useful commuter: 1. O-ring chain  2. Windshield  3. Tail Tidy and Luggage Rack with LED lights. The last is the best since it increases safety and practi… Go to Source

Tyres and rolling resistance

just wondering if anyone has investigated the most efficient low rolling resistance tyres for electric bikes? There is very little information on this topic on tyre sites, or anywhere else i can find? Go to Source

AC Fast Charger Project for Zero S 2013

As ChaDeMo chargers are still rare here in Germany while 3phase AC Stations with 11 or 22 kW capability are quite common I'm looking into some portable chargers for my Zero. Up to now I'm using two QuiQ Chargers in side cases additional to the intern… Go to Source

Tough choice

Hi everyone, my first post. Hopefully there will be many more after I've made my mind up. At the moment I have a choice between a brand new 2014 S and a demo 2013 S. The 2014 model has the same price tag as a new BMW F800 (BMW being the benchmark for o… Go ...

How tough is the FX?

Hi, I am interested in buying the FX however I am concerned about the cooling fins on the front of the frame.  I currently ride a Yamaha WR250F on East Coast trails.  The trails have plenty of steep hills with lots of rocks and log crossing which I am … Go to Source

ELMOFO garage explored

Nice article about our friends in Australia: Go to Source