The November 2014 International Motorcycle Show in Seattle

I recently attended the International Motorcycle Show in Seattle and posted this report to my blog: In this post … Go to Source

Shipping a Zero by Air – batteries?

I've narrowed my options for a new bike to the new Ducati Scrambler, a Moto Guzzi V7 and a Zero. If I buy a Zero, I may want to ship it by air between North America and Europe. Would the batteries be an issue for air transport?  If so, would it make a … Go ...

System Fault V58?

Hi all, my Enertia Plus is happily riding through the start of winter here in Amsterdam, but today it suddenly showed "SYSTEM FAULT V58" messages, on and off. After a while they went away again. It didn't need a restart, but I was a little too afraid f… Go to Source

Ever run out of charge?

I went for a fun ride yesterday.  This was the first time I took my Empulse on the Interstate, even if it was for just 5 miles down one exit.  I ended up doing a nearly 45 mile loop, and didn't quite think that I would be pushing the limits of my range… Go to ...

Brammo Pebble Watchface

Hi all, I own a pebble and noticed that there was no Brammo watchface for it  So I want ahead and created one using the cloudpebble tool. (see attached file Brammo.png)I suck at C so my code is probably awful but if you also have a pebble and have… Go to Source

The Tesla Model M electric motorcycle?

Cute.  Slightly believable until the very end.  But well done, anyway:… Go to Source

Specs and measurments

Do any of you have or would you post the measurements of your stock Enertias or Empulses. What does that mean? Battery dimensionsMotor dimensionsMotor mountsSteering and wheel bearing i.d. and o.d.Fork and swingarm width at the wheel mountect…. … Go to Source

Clicking sound when plugged-in

Hello I have been away for a few weeks now, I just moved. Winter is here and I have a strange clicking sound when my bike is plugged-in. Charging works fine. I made two videos, I will post only the second one for now as the first we can't here the clic… Go to Source

Diamond Based Semiconductor for Smaller Chargers… Go to Source

Please help with my ZERO DS 2010 broke

Hi: I have a serious problem with my 2010 ZERO DS and I do not know what can be the solution. The bike was first launched in 2012 and has only 1,500 miles. For months ago, I washed the bike with a water pressure machine. I let the bike dry two hours. … Go to ...