Batteries: 5 X the energy & 1/5 the cost

That is what is claimed we will have by 2017, according to an article titled “Berkeley team aims to give batteries a boost”, written by Jeremy Thomas (  It seems that the DOE is funding a $120 million program to develop new… Go to Source

Dealer Stability, Parts, Etc.

Hi, Having put the idea on hold over a year ago, I am revisiting the possibility of buying a Zero motorcycle. Being in New York, I had planned to talk with Carbon Negative in Brooklyn, but deduced tonight from the Zero site and this forum that they wen… Go to Source

Best online resource for finding Charging Stations

Hi, I'm new to the Electric world and there seem to be few charging stations close to me, but is there one online resource that is best for finding out where one can stop for a quick 'top-up'? Charge Point seems to miss many, if they are not on their p… Go to Source

Tire pressure discrepancy

I noticed the tire inflation pressure that’s stated on the frame of my 2013 Zero S is as follows:Front: 32 psiRear: 35 psi However, in the owners manual it states that tire pressure for the 2013 Zero S is:Front: 30 psiRear: 30 psi Which one is the … Go to Source

ELMOFO racing a Brammo Empulse R in Australia

From their Facebook page: Quote ELMOFO will have an entry in the last round of the 2014 Australian eFXC Superbike Race Series this weekend in the form of our recently purchased Brammo Empulse TTX…. Go to Source

Get Home Strategy.

Just had my first ride today.  About 45 miles and a combination of Freeway, City and some twisty bits.  I got home with 25% battery remaining which seems about right. As I was getting close to home I starting thinking "What could I do to stretch the mi… Go to Source

New rider in OC, CA

Just picked up my 2014 Empulse R yesterday and went for my first ride today.  What a blast!  My normal ride is a 2009 Ducati Monster 696 and I think the Empulse may be more fun to ride!  I'm normally in to classic bikes, triumphs etc, but this seemed … Go to Source

Anyone interested in a 2013 11.4DS?

The 2015s are coming so it is time to part with my trusty 2013 11.4 DS.  It has about 8K miles and has served me well.  PM if interested. Go to Source

"power fault" on charger

So I got my new Empulse R… Sure wish there wasn't snow and ice everywhere and the temperature was above 5 degrees    When I plug the charger in to some outlets at my house, I get a "power fault" red light on the charger.   The charger  works fine… Go to Source

Winter Storage

It is a little early but weather reports indicate that Winter has arrived in the North East. It is expected to be in the mid-20's tonight and we have already had some accumulation of the white stuff! Unless there is a break in temps, I might not have a… Go to Source