ATF in the motor for cooling

I heard from "a source" that ATF in the motor has completely solved overheating issues for some adventurous folks.  This makes sense as it should help move the rotor heat out to the finned case, and generally help prevent hot-spots (plus adding some th… Go to Source

Headlights on when charging

I have the same request, I recharge the batteries to 90% of the time in my private box. In this case, it is useless to keep the Headlights on all the night. ThanksMax Go to Source

Electrical Schematic

There is a electrical schematic to use for install a alarm/immobilizer? I would install a immobilizer with a transponder key, replacing the original simple key. Can you suggest us how to install / cables to be interrupt to create the correct problem, … Go to Source

Winter and battery maintenance

Hi team – quick question here – now that its winter I don't plan on riding often – the zero manual says just keep the bike plugged in – I am curious to see what the general populous is doing – is everyone in cold areas plugging it in and leaving the bi… Go to ...

Zero 2016 SR model?

Some ideas for Zero in producing their 2016 SR model and entering the sports bike market. Go to Source

Range 31 miles?

So my new Empulse got delivered today… display says 98% charged, range 31 miles…?? Yes it is very cold here today(20 deg F) Go to Source

S to DS semi conversion?

I was wondering if anyone put DS shocks on their S (like I have) and swap out rims / tires when the mood suits them. I have S rims / tires and I was wondering what I need to gather to set up a pair of knobbies with laced rimes for winter fun Do I ...

Lightning sells their first LS-218

Lightning has delivered their first LS-218 two days ago, as reported by Rideapart.… Go to Source


Anybody have any experience with anti-lock brakes on a motorcycle?  My last bike had a linked braking system which I liked (even though it probably gave me some lazy brake habits).  Could older Zeros be retrofitted with the ABS from the 2015's?  Would … Go to Source

OSET Transmision

Hi My OSET 20 has a slight knock when it engages drive, the sprocket has a little movement in it as well is this normal? Adam