Anyone Asked for and Gotten Back Their Deposit?

I'm just curious if anyone has requested the return of their deposit and, if they have, how long it took Mission to return it. Thanks,Bill Go to Source

New Brammo rider in Philadelphia

Hey folks, might be jumping the gun a little since the bike is not yet in my possession, but it's all but official. I pulled the trigger on one of the Brammo Empulse R press bikes being sold on ebay by Automania out in Oregon. This Silver jawn in parti… Go to Source

2014 Brammo Empulse up for auction

It's right here. Seems like a pretty good deal – they had three up, but it looks like two sold already. Go to Source

2014 French review of the KTM Freeride

Here is an English translation of a road test and review of the production KTM Freeride:… Go to Source

Sales data

Hey Was just geekin it up today and noticed that some sales data exists in the US for california at least. I was surprised to see that from October 2013 to October 2014 this data reveals that only 94 Zeros received rebates. It would be reasonable to as… Go to Source

Taking the Brammo into the woods (Ardennes) Motome 4

The well known biker Inn Baton Rouge in the Ardennes (Belgium) offers Enertia's for rent, to take into the woods… knobby tires, cool! Check it out in the Dutch videozine Motome (episode 4) The topic starts at 23:5… Go to Source

The LiveWire is off to the UK… Go to Source

Mission Motorcycles – a blogers thoughts

I don't know what is going on with Mission Motorcycles, so let the speculation begin (or continue): Go to Source

What exactly is going on at Mission Electric (re: motorcycles)

I just put this post together: I'd love to hear some response.  I'm losing faith in ever seeing a production Mission by the day…  Go to Source

Brammo custom at BigTwin Bikeshow Netherlands (7-8-9 nov ’14)

I'm not sure if all of you can make it to the show  , but I am definitely going this weekend. I heared [url=http://electricmotorcycles… Go to Source