Empulse TTX 2013 For sale

2013 Empulse TTX for sale in Finland. – Test driven once in track– New 2014 updates installed.– Driven ~ 200km Everything works and bike is just wait… Go to Source

Energica Eva

Energica has announced a new model, the Eva, said to be the world's first electric naked superbike.  Well Brammo might disagree, but Energica did give the bike an interesting look and have managed to do a pretty good job of disguising its batteries and… Go to Source

Breaks my heart to write this, but

Well the good news is: Bill, you will catch up and claim the mileage crown. The bad news is: Empulse R #35 has ceased to be of this world. A taxi made an . . . interesting U-turn in front o… Go to Source

Empulse R charging at 7,7 Kw ( not fast but better ) and T2 plug waterproof

Still waiting for my Empluse R to arrive but i'm already thinking about some modification to do at the bike. First I'm really afraid abuto the charging plug facing up , It really look dangerous if you think about charging under heavy rain (very common … Go to Source

Riding a 2012 Zero DS from Paris to Marseille

Here is a cute French (likely a Zero promotional item) video showing a fellow riding his 2012 Zero DS from Paris to Marseille to participate in a motorcycle race.  A nice touch is that the rider has a big roll of electrical extension cord attached to h… Go to Source

2014 Progressive International Motorcylce Show

Not much going on at the first show of the season in San Mateo, CA relative to electric vehicles.  All I saw electrical was this.    Go to Source

Backyard ride with MX Zero conversion

Here some piccs from my backyard riding today. The bike was a 2013 Zero XU in a MX conversion  Go to Source

What info is shown here?

Hi, I tried to set the winter time this weekend (without reading the manual first) and stumbled across this screen.  Some info I understand like V = Voltag… Go to Source

2012 S ZF9 BMS problem?

Hi all, I'm hoping that someone may be able to shed some light on an issue I have with my ZF9. All has been well until 2 days ago when the display went from full to empty in a few hundred yards, about 3 miles into my journey to work.  I managed to ride… Go ...