Zero removed the "parking" key position – YESSSS!!!!

I just noticed my '15 SR doesn't have that retarded "Parking" position on the key switch. That's AWESOME. There have been many times I've flipped my key "just that little bit more" and come back out later to a completely dead battery and a dimly glowin… Go to Source

2013-2014-2015 DS rear shock length

Hello,I have a 2013 DS with the Fastace rear shock. The length of the shock is 275mm (10.83 inches) uncompressed.Is the 2014 DS shock the same length ?And what about the new 2015 one ?Happy new year !!!Laurent Go to Source

New Military Toy…nn.html?c=tech Runs off multiple fuels and can charge anything electric while getting 100 miles between charges. 0-60 in 3.3 seconds, 70 mph top spe… Go to Source

accessories …. uggh

it is proving very difficult to obtain accessories for my new Empulse R.   Anyone know of a dealer that actually follows through with accessory requests?  Or is the availability that bad?  Trying to get a wind screen, and side cases… Go to Source

Support Brammo in the "MOTORRAD" EU bike of the year election!

Hi Brammo fans! This year the Brammo Empulse R is listed in the "naked bike" section with the election for bike of the year by the German magazine "MOTORRAD" So if you want to support Brammo, enter your vote in the election by going to the below link:… Go to Source

Cycle World is doing a 5 part series on electric vehicle power systems

I'm sure most of this won't be new to the seasoned electric buffs on this board, but I'm more motorcyclist than electric engineer right now so I'm intrigued. Kevin Cameron is a pretty fair dude, so I'm looking forward to what he has to say.[url=http:/… Go to Source

Zero S – 2011 -Changing BMS Parameter

Hellohow could i change the voltage Settings on the Zero BMS:I found out, that my Zero cuts of the battery at an cell Voltage with 3,3V – thats about at 46V.I like to go down at about 42V – minimum 3V each cell. The problem is, with the aging of the… Go to Source

Zero luggage options

I mostly use my Zero to replace trips when I might normally need my car to carry stuff from here to there.  So I am always trying to figure out how to haul more junk on my Zero.  Attached are two photos of my luggage system.  All of the luggage is quic… Go to Source

What would Santa ride?

Among other options, apparently something familiar to you all (scroll down a bit): Go to Source

Zero S – 2011 BMS Interface Pining

HelloI want to interface the BMS with the serial RS232.Does anybody has the pinning for the plug? I think the plug on the rear side of the box is for that. Go to Source