European pricing

Just learned that (the dealer in Norway) is selling the Zero SR 2015 for 145.000,- NOK (complete, registered ready to drive). That's $19 681 USD! (So $2336 USD more than in the US!) Go to Source

Zero’s Richard Walker interviews

Got a story up with a couple of interviews with Walker on InsideEVs: I hadn't seen the video interview before.  He … Go to Source

Change sprocket size on 2015 SR for greater acceleration?

Does anyone know if it's possible, or if it would even work? I would glady sacrifice some top speed for increased acceleration. Is it possible? I see that Zero offer this for the S and DS (See link [url=… Go to Source

2015 Zero press release and video

Autoblog has picked up the Zero press release and along with a slick promotional video (in which I appear for a couple of seconds from my 2012 video) proclaiming the start of production of their 2015 models: [url=… Go to Source

LED parking light

Does anyone know of a LED replacement for our parking light? I recently installed an LED headlight and would like  an LED parking light to match, since it runs when your headlight is on as well. Go to Source

Are you still happy with your Zero?

If I do take the plunge and buy a Zero I will probably have to live with it for at least four years to get anywhere close to justifying the up-front purchase price.  In those four years I am likely to average approximately 10,000 miles using it to comm… Go to Source

2015 SR Just got it and love it

I just got my 2015 SR and absolutely love it.  The change in suspension makes the bike feel rock sold with that sense of quality that you get from a great bike.  The brakes have very good feel (still bedding so no power info yet).  The move to a -6 con… Go to Source

It’s COLD! (and associated challenges)

I'm pushing my luck up here in Chicago. Monday was a pretty nice day, so I road to work. And by nice I mean 40 degrees and raining. I chickened out yesterday as the forecast was calling for falling temperatures throughout the day, and snow on the commu… Go to Source

2011 X vs MX

    I am doing some upgrades to my 2011 X that I have been running in Supermoto.   I was doing some reading and never realized there may be some electronic differences between the X and MX from 2011.  I always thought it was suspension only.  It appear… Go to Source

Level 2 and Level 3 Charging options for Zero Motorcycles

I am curious how many forum members out there have an interest in Level 2 and Level 3 charging for their Zero Motorcycles. I currently have L2 on my SR and should be getting a CHAdeMO system installed in another week or two. My SR is the first and last… Go to Source