French fast charging system expanding

The French are really getting into the EV swing of things, with new fast-charging stations being installed all over the country:  http://news… Go to Source

New problem detected on my 2013 Zero-S (FEBHAS error)

One that we all need to be aware of. This happened to me tonight, now as we all know, its getting colder. Ok here in the UK its not quite Wisconsin cold, for example I don't have to chip the ice off my retinas before riding… It is however cold enough… Go to Source

Project Live Wire Party Crashers

The wife and I rode the Empulse R to the Project Live Wire Demo Ride @ Peterson's Harley in S. Miami this past Saturday. Its was fun! I talked to a John Wheeler() who seems to be in charge of something(?) and gave him a lot of feedback.  He had a lo… Go to Source

LiveWire article by Autoblog

This article is interesting because it quotes H-D's President as saying that the LiveWire needs double the battery capacity and would have to sell for half the $50,000 price that it would cost to produce it before customers would buy it.  [url=http://… Go to Source

2010 uncommanded acceleration

My 2010ds has started acting weird, it wants to go without any throttle, and wants to accelerate when riding at a steady pace. It only has 1300 miles on it. Any ideas? Go to Source

Brammo’s future

Hey guys, I'm a relatively new Brammo owner, in fact still waiting for my bike to arrive, but I've been following the company since at least 2010 when stories about the Empulse started showing up. Just wondering what people think about the future of Br… Go to Source

2014 S 11.4 or 2015 S 9.4?

So, I finally have to worry about actual purchasing options! For approximately the same final out-the-door cost (15-16k):– 2014 S 11.4 demo bike immediately available– 2015 S 9.4 factory order, delivery sometime between January and March. What would… Go to Source

What’s it worth

Since this group would be most knowledgeable on the matter.  It would be nice to get a conceses of that everyone thinks each model is worth. I am thinking of selling my 2014 SR for a 2015. With that said here is the list of Zero 13-14 models: (copy an… Go to Source

New Vectrix scooters for sale.

Hello, the dealership I work at was once a Vectrix dealer and we have three left over 2007 scooters up for sale.  They are new units with keys, my understanding is that we might still have the MSO (Manufacturer's Statement of Origin) on them.  They do … Go to Source

Personalized plate choice

I live in Wisconsin, and motorcycle plates are only allowed 5 characters, with no spaces.   I have been checking what is available, and have narrowed it down to a few choices.  Keep in mind my Empulse R is charged 100% with solar power.   Any input app… Go to Source