Zero owners facebook group

I just posted this on the 2012 Zero thread page, and wanted to post it here too for any Zero owners out there who do the facebook thing. Looks like about 270 Zero owners in the group right now. https://ww… Go to Source

Zero owners facebook group

For those who do the facebook thing, there's some good stuff here: Go to Source

2015 Zeros are shipping

Thought this may get some of you guys happy:   Just got the news from Zero this morning. Go to Source

Rideapart reviews the LiveWire Go to Source

Startup tone on 2014 Empulse R?

I recently got a 2014 Empulse R. I notice in the manual that it mentions a startup tone: Quote 3. The Empulse start-up tone will sound and the indicator lights onthe instrument cluster will illuminate briefly as a system check. Mine doesn't m… Go to Source

Any London dealers suitable for Zero?

Is anyone familiar with any existing motorbike dealers in London? If you think they might be suitable to stock Zeros, then please post details here. If I get chance I'll pay them a visit, have a chat and potentially recommend them to Zero as a prospect… Go to Source