Talk to me like I’m stupid- Tesla Supercharger

Can anyone explain to me (in relatively simple terms) why a Tesla supercharger can charge at 440 miles of range per hour and Level 2 J1772 takes 3.5 hours to charge an Empulse with a mixed range of 80 miles? I understand some basics (takes longer to "t… Go to Source

Brammo gets a $12.5 million influx

Purely coincidental, says Bramscher. Hmmm. Brammo's busy month: A $12.5M fund raise along with its cycle division sale http://www.bizjou… Go to Source

Setting up brake light for regen

Has anyone set up their Zero to utilise the Sevcon analog outputs to turn on their brake light when regen is engaged. The Sevcon manual states: "Brake LightsA brake light output object is available (2404h) and can be mapped to an analogue output. The … Go to Source

Micro windshield?

Does anyone have a recommendation for a small fairing for the E+?  I don't want something big, airblast mid-chest is fine, as I'm used to riding semi- or fully naked bikes; just looking to streamline the bike and make it a wee bit slippery, and possibl… Go to Source

Brammo in the future

Just got this email release from the boys in Talent: Brammo’s EV Drivetrain Ambitions Expand Beyond Two Wheels TALENT, Ore.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Following the acquisition of certain electric motorcycle assets by Polaris Industries Inc., Brammo, Inc., a l… Go to Source

Questions from a future Empulse owner

Greetings! (dramatic pause)This is a message from the fuuuuuutuuuuuuure!!! (queue 80’s SciFi sound) No, not really … but I guess that was a given I ha… Go to Source

2014 S replacement Givi saddlebag and turn signal cover

Friends, I took a spill riding in bad weather.  My left Givi hard shell is scuffed up and my left turn signal glass is broken.  This is such a beautiful bike and gets attention, so I don't want to ride it looking like this.  Is there any way to order j… Go to Source

Nice article on 2015 Zeros Troy Siahann is's go-to guy for electric motorcycles and he ha… Go to Source

Lifting the 2015 SR to change the front tire

So I will eventually need to change the front tire on my SR, and I'll need some way to lift the front. I have one of the Woodcraft front stands, the kind where the pin goes in the hole at the triple-tree pivot. I measured the Zero to be 15.00mm but the… Go to Source

New plate is here

  new plate arrived today    Now if it would just warm up!  Go to Source