Spare parts

Hi,I may want a Zero S, but I still need more informations to cross the gap.I do not have a Zero dealer in my city, in need to go to Paris, but that means having a car that can take a bike in, or a trailer (and a day off, beacuse it is more than ...

Revzilla does a feature on "The motorcycle you can’t forget"

Guess who makes an appearance: Quote Joanne “GearChic” Donn The most memorable motorcycle I ever rode was a Brammo Empulse R. I've never ridden anything that made me giggle like a little schoolgirl, almost like riding the teacups at Disneyland. It's t… Go to Source

"The Heart of Brammo Will Remain"

An article from the Medford, Oregon Tribune about the Brammo Polaris deal, and what Brammo held on to: Quote The skin and … Go to Source

Pocket batteries

These cute little batteries sure look like fun.  Now what can we use them for? [url=… Go to Source

Got my new SR! But it’s a little sick :(

Hi,I have been lurking, here, and at the Zero Motorcycles website for a couple years now, but I recently pulled the trigger on a 2015 SR (the ABS, and small boost in range motivated me).  Living in Houston, I didn't have a local dealer to order from,… Go to Source

grade zero

quality: 0, customer service: 0, resale value: 0, this customers satisfaction:-0. Biggest mistake I've made in the last 5 years: buying these overpriced pieces of junk. zero is appropriate name. Go to Source

Tesla Model S drag races a Hellcat (whatever that is)

It looks like the Tesla Model S P85D is a pretty fast car in a drag race.  According to this video, it is a lot faster than a noisy, smoky, Dodge Challenger Hellcat that tried to race it.  (It looks like the driver of the Hellcat wasn't all that experi… Go to Source

Hello from Portugal

Hello, I am from Portugal (Europe). I did the test drive the Brammo on November 2, 2014, enjoyed, is spectacular. I really enjoyed the gearbox, reminds me when I bought my first naked, driving pleasure, but in Brammo was betterI already had an electri… Go to Source

European EV sales numbers

Here is a link to an interesting article regarding electric motorcycle and scooter sales in France and a few other European countries.  It looks like the BMW C-Evolution scooter is selling very well, while other brands, including Brammo and Zero, not s… Go to Source

Charge cable for the Empulse

I stumbled across this cable which in my mind is a far better solution than  the Clipper Creek provided with the bike. Much smaller, lighter and you can select charging power.Have a look:][url]http://cha… Go to Source