Hello from Poland

Hello together, My name is Charly and I´m living in the deep south of Poland.I am actually not an owner of one of the very interesting Brammo products but a very big fan and enthusiast!I have some experience with different electric brands ( technical… Go to Source

2011 Zero S brake pad replacement

The bike I just bought has done less than 13,000km and has no brake pads left!!! Down to the backing metal on the rear and 1mm on the leading edge on the front. Anybody replaced their brake pads yet or know of any aftermarket brake pads that fit? Anybo… Go to Source

First commute

Finally got everything together and rode my new DS to work. My commute is about 25 miles each way on the 405 freeway from Long Beach to West Los Angeles with a couple miles on city streets at each end. I have the 9.4 battery pack. On my commute to work… Go to Source

All Stock to LED bulb conversion

So I did an conversion from stock bulbs to all LED including the headlight except for the license plate which I forgot.  But all the bulbs I brought from ebay and listed below.  I can feel a little better energy consumption on the battery but nothing o… Go to Source

Interchangeability of 2015 vs 2014 battery pack S/SR/DS

Just out of curiosity is it a straight swap from the 2015 12.5kWh battery to the 2014 11.4kWh battery?  Is there programing and firmware updates involved.  Is it possible?  Is the hardware different?  Thanks Go to Source

2012 Hong Kong police bikes

Today on the Chain Gang forum (what else would you call a venue for the first chain-drive motorcycle ever made by BMW – the F650 Funduro), a visitor from Hong Kong mentioned that he had seen one of the 59 2012 S Zeros sold to the city police dep… Go to Source

clutch oil leak stopper

only 200 kms and leak in this point.  which can cause it? subir imagenes [… Go to Source

System fault B62

this appears in my dhas, when is charging and stop, the charger stop to, this bike are new only 220 kms. and only 4 times put de charger, the firts when arrive to 100% and dont appers this, de second time, arrive to 100% and appears this message, the t… Go to Source

hello from Catalonia, Spain…. near to mediterranean sea

Yesterday is my first day whith the brammo empulse E1, fantastic bike, perfect to me, accept their drawbacks, no travel, no group trips a morning, but to go to work and extend the route to enjoy the road, up to the limit of their autonomy (75 kms) is e… Go to Source

Electric motorcycle tech primer article

Here is a short primer regarding electric motorcycle technology, that uses a couple of nice Empulse photos to illustrate the text:  http://insideevs.com/electric-m… Go to Source