Monokey plate for the 2015 top rack?

I just got my top rack for my SR. I do have to say it's NICE and the instructions were top-rate. Installing it was a breeze. Anyway, I have a couple Monokey bags like the ancient E45s, and an E360, as well as a pair of E21 for when my side racks get he… Go ...

Zero pricing. Now $1000s cheaper in EUROPE

I was just about to buy an SR in Atlanta, but visiting family in Oslo and the bikes are literally thousands less here. Can someone explain? I know the Euro is weak but this is a huge difference. Zero must be subsidizing the European market as I was che… Go to Source

Polaris acquires Brammo[/ur… Go to Source

Polaris acquires Brammo

This is what we've been waiting to hear. Go to Source

Can someone check my math?

I was driving my 2015 SR today with range on one display and W Hr / mile on the other.  I was averaging around 100 W Hr / mile and noticed my range mirrored my % remaining capacity. If the display are accurate, there seems to be 10 KW Hr of useful batt… Go to ...

More Brammo Speculation Cliff's notes: Polaris is going to take over production of the Empulse. Go to Source

Cables to access Sevcon controller

For those interested in better understanding your Zero's motor controller setup you'll need some specific cables and software. These will allow you to browse the current controller configuration as well as make changes such as increasing regeneration r… Go to Source

Cable to access Main Bike Board setup

For those who want to access more information about your Zero, in particular the Main Bike Board configuration one way to do this is to make a USB to OBD II cable. This will allow you to  access more diagnostic information including logs, status  and e… Go to Source

Horn mod

Even with the silence of my Zero S, I rarely find myself in a situation where my horn would ever trump my maneuverability to avoid danger. Last week, however, I decided to give some driver on the road a chance to show some courtesy and NOT merge into m… Go to Source

Change regen while riding?

Hi.  This isn't the biggest deal in the world, but I was wondering if anyone felt similarly about this. For most riding, I'd like regen to be maximized, but in a few situations, I'd like it to be minimized. The example I can think of off the top of my … Go to Source