Working on EmpulseR POWER RACE

Bike is almost here , other parts are on the way , software is on the drawing board… the next few months will be work , tuning and meeting stay tuned Go to Source

New Li Vectrix batteries

Anyone need new replacement Li batteries for their Vectrix? http://hyb… Go to Source

List of Zero ID10T codes?

Last week I spent 25 minutes at an I-4 rest stop trying to figure out an error 0045… which turned out to mean "kickstand down" I just spent nearly 20 minutes diagnosing an error 0044, which is "killswitch on" and I have no damned clue how the killswi… Go to Source

Decision Time.. DS or SR???

I'm posting hoping to see if anyone has any thoughts or any real comparison between the DS & SR.  I will be ordering one in the next week and it's definitely a hard decision.  Here's where I'm coming from..  Been aware of Zero for a while but hadn't h… Go to Source

Lithium Ion (Li-ion) Batteries used in Zero Motorcyles – all you need to know

Hi All, Inspired by the topic and discussion on storing Zeros over winter, I decided to do some research and have written the following article as a result.  I welcome any comments and hope that people will find it useful. ************* Lithium Ion (Li… Go to Source

Tubeless tire plugging systems

Here is a review of the Stop and Go and Dynaplug tubeless tire plugging products (both of which I have somewhere under the seats of my motorcycles).  I have used the Stop and Go plugger twice but not the Dynaplug. The review… Go to Source

your KW cost

for me its .0557 $cad ( .0471 $us) for the first 30KW per day ( usually in that range for an appartment)and .0826 $cad (.07 $us) for KW exceeding 30KW per day (usually for a house with a pool , A/C ect..)here in Quebec, electricity come from a Hydro … Go to Source

From Finland to the Isle of Man TT Zero with an Empulse R

Hi Everyone. My name is Jarno. Im 26 years old and im a proud owner of an Empulse R 2014, in Southern Finland. [img width=600 height=349]… Go to Source

Chargers on board and off board

Hi All Long story short I'm beavering away down under with charger options and re-reading all posts on what all you clever people have been doing. Primarily, I'm looking for the best developed, simplest (after-market) solution for 2014 and 2015 models… Go to Source

Bonjour from Quebec

HiIm a proud new owner of a 2014 Empulse R Neodymium. The first time I heard of Brammo was in 2010-2011 when they released video of their prototype. I knew at that time that someday a would own one. When they released their final version, the price wa… Go to Source