what is the difference between the batterie 2013 – 2015

i heard that the chini of the 2013, 2014, 2015 is the same but beetwen the 2013-2014 and the 2015 11,4 to 12,5 a big difference same volume same weigth, it is only the range off utilisation the difference?80v to 118vthe 2015 is the same? Go to Source

Zero 2016

2015 was a great "upgrade" bike, but we are still waiting for major improvements (EV part). I heard that the 2016 specs are already defined and that there's something great coming… It's supposed to be kept secret so I don't want to push my source to … Go to Source

80 Year Old Don Garlits Quest for 200MPH on Batteries

http://speedsociety.com/80-year-old-don-garlits-quest-200mph-batteries/ Go to Source

Give Side Case Installation – Finishing Up

I got most of the installation done (the cases didn't come with instructions), but I'm not sure about the brackets that connect across between the cases at the rear – can someone with the Givi cases post a couple of pictures of the details of those bra… Go to Source

EV transmissions

According to a the following statement on page 22 of the March issue of Popular Science, electric vehicles (not necessarily motorcycles) may have a transmission in their future.  Here is the statement: Single-speed EV transmissions will give … Go to Source

Hello from peterborough ontario Canada

hello all, I've been a long time stalker of this forum so I have been watching closely, I don't own a brammo but it seems to be my personal favorite, I've ridden the empulse and enertia plus and find that they both have plus and minus points but are bo… Go to Source

Pictures of bikes and owners

I think it would be great to have a collection of pictures of the bikes and thier owners. Maybe it could be incorporated in the members page. Go to Source

Too cold to charge? I think not …

Since my OBDII to usb is working … well for everything but the big dumps anyway, I figured when I plugged the bike in this morning after my commute in 14 F degree weather if it didn't start charging I would check it out. Saved the session information… Go to Source

contact error on FX2013 after washing

Hi, after a fun day in Hollister with my 2013 FX with new tires, the bikes was really dirty (full of mud). I was careful power washing the bike to make sure I was not aiming at the dash board or electrical components (mostly tires and fenders). it has … Go to Source

Where is the Victory Charger Forum?

Will it be added here?Is it in a Victory forum?Is it in a Polaris forum? Just need a place to start posting my ideas for their bike 😀 Go to Source