Can error and battery dead?

Here is what I know. Last night I noticed an error on the bike while it was charging. 2 3 was the sequence, can error. I figured it was because it was cold given my bike had previously lost contact with the Sevcon in January and shut it off while ridi… Go to Source

Experiences with a Elcon PFC 2500 96V 22A Charger?

Hi folks, I am considering about buying an Elcon PFC 2500 96V 22A Charger.The goal is to bring the charging time down to a faster level. But I have some questions left, which I would like to ask to the experts here. – What is the maximum power of ONE … Go to Source

Why the Brammo hate from other electrics?

I've followed the electric motorcycle scene with various degrees of interest from the very beginning and something that struck me even back then, and especially now that I have the bike, is the catty attitude towards Brammos from other OEMs and riders…. Go to Source

Ride Apart Zero article

Ride Apart just published an article regarding Zero.  Nothing new and their facts are a little distorted, but it is still a decent story.  It appears to be aimed at the general public though and not Zero enthusiasts:… Go to Source

Hope For the Enertia/+

So is there any hope that Polaris will somehow re-release the Enertia as a Polaris bike? Of all the electric motorcycles available to this day the Enertia is my favorite, even over the Harley Livewire. I'd love to see Polaris keep it going and continu… Go to Source

My First "Long" Ride on my 2015 SR

I took advantage of my day off of work today (President's day woo-hoo!) and of the nice weather (70F!) to ride my new toy on a longer ride. I headed east up into the foothills to try some twisties – which were a blast. Boy that torque is nice while le… Go to Source

Wrecked my Empulse R

Well, looks like I wont be riding this summer. On Feb 8th we got a warm front through NJ and I thought what a great day to take the bike on a short trip to the deli for a sandwich. In a very standard low speed turn just a block away from home I lost ...

2013 DS crash bars

I am looking for details on how the crash bars are mounted as from the pictures I have seen they don't seem redundant. Meaning if the brace bar loosened the sides would stay on. Anyone have detailed photos of how they are mounted? I want to use the sa… Go to Source

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2013 FX headlight

Hey all, I'm interested in installing a JW Speaker 8700 Evolution 2 headlight on my 2013 FX.  It's a 7 inch sealed beam.  Has anyone tried this?  How's it work? Thanks!  – Fred Go to Source