charging error?

This morning I go to pull out and figured I should make sure the bike will indeed move forward as I was tinkering with settings last night and wanted to ensure it was in operational mode. Sure enough… It didn't move forward. So I put it back in gara… Go to Source

Vampire Bat wind screen installed

Just experimenting a bit,Got to get the right angle/height etc.But for now it will keep the minus zero winds of my chest. Go to Source

Avoiding the skunk stripe on the SR

I have had to ride in the rain a lot recently and I got tired of getting road grit all over the back of my jacket, and then all over my topbox when I added the rack. I inserted some thin plastic sheet into the gap. It's really simple, the hardest part … Go to ...

MCN reviews the 2014 Zero SR

Review was posted in the September 2014 issue. Obviously not new but it's well-written and has some nice performance data. http://www.motorcycleconsumernews-di… Go to Source

Bluetooth Questions

What am I doing wrong? On my smartphone app I don't see the "Custom Settings" option- only the ECO mode settings. When changing the Top Speed or the Regen for the ECO mode is there some sort of feedback from the bike that the settings have been applied… Go to Source

New EV biker?

Hi everybody!I'm really looking into ZERO S motorcycles, and i think i'm about to go for it in a very next futur.I can have a yellow 2013 S 11.4 with 8000km for about 10000€ (maybe a little less if i can negociate nicely), or a 2014 S 11.4 with 1500k… Go to Source

106 ft lbs + wet roads = pucker moment

I really wanted to get out on the bike today but the roads were wet so I waited until about 4:30 to let them dry out. I got out on the road and the riding conditions were pretty good – mostly dry with a few damp patches here and there. I stopped to run… Go ...

Performance tuning a Zero SR

Over the last few weeks I've been trying to eke out some extra performance improvements from my 2014 Zero SR for use on both the road and the track. Having recently acquired the Sevcon software and CAN adapter to modify the Sevcon Gen 4 Size 6 motor co… Go to Source

How to make a powerful regen lever for your Zero

I recently set up a custom regen lever on a Zero SR using a ZX14 clutch lever joined to a pressure transducer and wired into the footbrake function of the Zero's Sevcon controller (see photo at the end of this post). The result has been a very smooth a… Go to Source

Very Clean 100% Electric Chopper Go to Source