Custom Empulse Fender Eliminator

A few months ago we started working on a fender eliminator kit for the Empulse but ended up shelving the project. This is a complete taillight kit with integrated turn signals. Running light and brake light are red, turn signals are amber. At this poin… Go to Source

System Fault C3

All, Don't have access to my owners manual at the moment so unable to check.  Trying to charge the bike and getting System Fault C3.  Can anyone let me know what that is? Thanks Richard Go to Source

Upgraded Horn

A brass bell for the jaywalking pedestrians and a Screaming Banshee for the texting cagers.[img]… Go to Source

Victory Charger

Not sure if this goes here or off topic… Go to Source

Zero based Chopper

See it here: and here:[url=… Go to Source

Kyburz electric utility trike

Now here is an interesting utility vehicle and one that I have never heard of before.  Plus, it is made in Switzerland (of all places). I'll bet it is not cheap. Be sure to watch the video it is fun and cool     :  [url=… Go to Source

Can I Get More 12V?

This is a question for all you EE types. Is it feasible to replace the unit that supplies 12V with something that has a higher capacity? With all those kWH of capacity in the main pack, I'd like just a bit more watts available to run some 12V stuff. As… Go to Source

German Brammo dealer looking for a new dealership.

It looks like even the biggest Brammo dealer in Germany has had to read the Polaris deal in the press.This article shows that he is in the dark and that he is looking for a new dealership to ensure that he can keep selling electric bikes. Not good to… Go to Source

more and more empulse bikes in holland

my name is HennyLast Saterday i opened a new book, my red Empulse R bike is deliverd. I had to wait a few month but it is in my garage now.Because of bad weather i must wait for a few weeks to pull the trotlle.I will use the bike for commuting every… Go to Source

More Chargers

According to Charles Fleming in the Los Angeles Times: BMW and VW announced they are teaming up to build 100 fast-charging stations by the end of 2015 in “express charging corridors” from Portland OR to San Diego on the West Coast and Boston to Washing… Go to Source