Drop Bar for DS 2014

Quick Question – The police version of the DS has a Drop Bar – does any one know where I can purchase one for a regular 2014 DS Go to Source

Abe Askenazi cto Zero electric motorcycles Cycle World interview

http://www.cycleworld.com/2015/03/25/on-the-record-abe-askenazi-cto-zero-electric-motorcycles-cycle-world-interview/ Interes… Go to Source

Can the speedometer be calibrated?

Is there a way to calibrate the speedometer?  Mine seems to read about 5% higher than my speed according to all of the radar based indicators I have passed through.  While this is not the end of the world, if I can make it more accurate, I would like t… Go to Source

Progress in electric airplane propulsion

More movement toward electric flight. The big guys are getting more involved. http://www.nasa.gov/centers/armstrong/Features/leaptech.html Trikester Go to Source

"Blue Steel" get’s its first real ride

"Blue Steel" (2015 Zero S) nicknamed by one of my friends Sean, get's its first real ride today for lunch.  In the video Sean is on a 2015 Zero DS, and my friend Christy gets her first experience ever with an electric vehicle.  She is sold and wants an… Go to Source

Car backed into my bike in parking lot

Sooooo, someone backed into my bike while it was parked in a lot. The only damage to the bike that I can see is a broken tip on the break lever and possible damage to the boot on the master cylinder. I would like to replace both if possible, but I don'… Go to Source

Half a year with my 2013 Zero DS

I just finished a blog post describing my experience with my Zero.  http://ptruchon.pagekite.me/wiki/blog/2015-03-30/electric-zero-motorcycle  I talk about: [li… Go to Source

2010 Zero S – 7 Leaf cells and a cycle analyst

1st Post on here. I Recently picked up a 2010 zero s with 320 miles on it for a reasonable price. The bike was always kept on a charger and barely used obviously. It ran fine but even with a fully charged and balanced pack the voltage would sag pretty … Go to Source

Proud new Zero SR owner

I just ordered my 2015 SR today after a demo ride.  First I have to say thanks to Brett Litle from the Zero factory and Cuyler Coleman of capital city motorsports.  They brought the bike to me to demo from 2 hours away.  I ordered one as soon as my dem… Go to Source

California State Route 150 on a Empulse R.

I had a great ride on my Empluse today.  Started  my meeting my wife for lunch as she was working, then onto Ventura to meet a friend I have not seen for about 6 months and go for a ride.  I planed to arrive a bit early and top of my charge.  I arrived… Go ...