Aim:We want to set a new world record for the largest parade with electric vehicles. With this parade we want to show that electric vehicles are ready and affordable for everyday life. Therefore, we are inviting everyone to join with his or her electr… Go to Source

Serious thinking about attending the 2 eMR rounds in Cali. Couch and ride needed

Hello all, So I found the thread about the 100hp Empulse HVR, and then realized that both round of the Cali rounds of the eMotoRacing series are while I am home after I take a piano exam back home in Maine. I would be spending money I shouldn't but it… Go to Source

London EV sales should increase

It looks like EV sales in London may have a bright future: Go to Source

Cycle News 2015 Zero review article

Here is a link to a long ride review article by Cycle News of the 2015 Zeros.  Be sure to read the "sidebar" on page 55.  It would appear that most of the major parts on the Zero are made by various Chinese companies. (The Z-Force motor is made … Go to Source

Packing penuts recycled into hi perf lithium batts

This is an interesting article about turning packing "peanuts" into rechargeable lithium battery components with higher performance and quicker charge. [url=… Go to Source

75,000 miles on my Zero now

Hit 75,000 all electric miles on my Zero yesterday!  I've loved every day I've had it! If you're waiting to get one for some reason, every day you wait will be a day you can never get back, just remember that. more pictures here: [url=https://www.fa… Go to Source

Motley Fool article features Brammo and Polaris

Very positive write up by the investment experts at The Motley Fool:… Go to Source

Zero SR as very first bike

Hi everyone, I learned about the Zero bikes a few months ago, and I've been obsessed ever since. I signed up for a motorcycle safety class this weekend, and I'm very excited to start riding I was wondering what your opinions were on starting out wit… Go to Source

brammo empulse police at Malaga Spain off course in spanish  Go to Source

CHAdeMO fast charing

I got my Zero SR 2014 mod a month back. And I absolutely LOVE the bike. I have been waiting and looking for it for over half a year now. And my only issue have really been the range fear. Running out of power. And with a range of 170km with powerpack t… Go to ...