450km roadtrip each way – is the quick charger a good option?

Hi all looking at a roadtrip of about 450km each way (about 300miles or so). I can spread over one long day or two days with an overnight stop. I do not have the additional tank on my standard 2014S 11.4 and am considering to utilise two chargers inst… Go to Source

Charging – Doing the Math

I'm confused by the numbers while charging.  According to the label on the Quic charger it has an output of 9A, but it is drawing 12.5A from the outlet (this seems too much of a difference to be inefficiency/heat loss). Also – When I plugged both char… Go to Source

[2014 Zero SR] I want to reduce tire outer diameter for space clearance, advice?

Hello, so my 2014 Zero SR is great for commuting into the city when it isn't below freezing out, but finding a place to charge that is nearby to my work and not going to charge an arm and a leg is nigh impossible.  I have the option of bringing the mot… Go to Source

2014-15 FX owners- some questions!

My plan is to get an FX in a few months.  I love what I have seen from the bikes and it seems to be a good fit for the type of riding I would do.  I plan to trail ride the bike a few times a year and also commute to work (25 mi ...

windshield Empulse

Hi i just found out that our Empulse lighthouse is the same as the one with the yamaha mt 03 2006. so looking for this model are some brands that can serve with minor adaptations.[url=http://www.puig.tv/tuning-motos/yamaha-mt-03-2006/carenabris-stream… Go to Source

New Empulse 2015

http://motos.coches.net/noticias/zero-sr/pruebaThis is what is said in a Spanish web on the new Empulse:Brammo other small American manufacturer of electric bikes for this 2015 , will also co… Go to Source

Looking for a used Brammo

I'm looking for a used Brammo, preferably Enertia, with passenger pegs, or the weight bearing capacity to add passenger pegs.  Please contact me if you have one for sale or know of a dealer with one for sale. Thanks. bbartlett318@gmail.com Go to Source

Zero demographics

Inspired by a few (?) posts raising concerns about Zero reliability, I've setup a survey for Zero owners:https://docs.google.com/forms/d/11R6MQTB4p8s7xGEKrwTEsIigJCayqZ9zUuuwA5X95FE/viewform This should give us a more quantitative estimation of how Ze… Go to Source

How do you say "Brammo"?

As I stare out the window at the snow coming down on the second day of Spring here in Boston, I wonder.  How do you pronounce "Brammo"? The name apparently was coined from Bramscher's football days nickname, and being from the Northeast I always just s… Go to Source

Domino Premium throttle to replace stock Magura throttle

After damaging some of the plastic cogs on the stock Magura throttle on my Zero SR (it seems I was too heavy handed in changing grips) I bought and fitted a Domino Premium Full Twist Grip throttle as a replacement/upgrade. I'd read one or two reviews o… Go to Source