Rain and Brammo Empulse R

Rain and a wet track slows the Brammo down just a bit. Go to Source

Minor glitch

Today when I started my Empulse R, the tack needle did its thing but the green lights indicating it was live never started to flash.  I made sure the bike was stationary, but still nothing.  I held the start button for a few seconds expecting maybe it … Go to Source

Offering repair help

Hello everyone.  I am new here and I do NOT have a Zero yet but well likely have an FX later this year.  I am an electronics technician by trade and I am NOT new to EV's.  I just wanted to offer to anyone with any interest the chance to send me any bro… Go ...

Bring on the Zeros!

NOLA is the site of round 2 of the 2015 eMotoRacing series,  coming up in a week. Looking forward to putting the TTX streamliner on the track again  Go to Source

2010 Zero S Newb

Thanks for the great forum! Lots of useful information.  I hope to contribute. Recently picked up a 2010 S The battery has not been plugged in, voltage is 39v.  I have the battery out and apart, will begin by charging with my RC charger. It didn't com… Go to Source

System Fault v58 VCU +12v Out of Spec

Got the Service Required V58 on my way to work this morning. This is the second time in 6 months. I had the part replaced at the end of Sept.'14… The problem now is I have no place to take the bike. I called my dealership a couple of weeks ago to see… Go to ...

2014-2015 Zero battery life estimates

I have been collecting motorcycle brochures since the mid-1960's (I have a lot of them).  So naturally, I have been picking up Zero brochures each year. Going through the  2014 and 2015 Zero brochures, I notice that the specification for "estimated pac… Go to Source

Tire pressure 2014 Zero S 11.4

What is the spec tire pressure for factory tires? Go to Source

Portable Charging Solution?

Has anyone tried charging a zero with one of these or something like this? http://www.goalzero.com/p/164/Goal-Zero-Yeti-150-Solar-Generator Could this work at all? Im sure its… Go to Source

Tire Choices

I thought I might start a thread regarding available tire choices for the 2014 and later models.  This came about because my rear tire picked up a piece of glass the other day, which tore up the tread a bit, but apparently didn't go all the way though … Go to Source