Brake Parts

I need to replace my rear brake pads and front rotors. Can anyone give me the appropriate Brembo part numbers, or equivalent bikes that I can use to search for parts? The info isn't in the manual, and Brammo isn't listed on Brembo's website. My rear ca… Go to Source

Trouble in paradise

I have a 2014 SR, one of the first, if not the first available to the public (I put my deposit down in October 2013, the day the SR was announced). I've been positively and proudly vociferous in my praise of the brand and the model…it's been an incre… Go to Source

Empulse seating position

I've only had two rides so far, so I'm still in my "getting to know" phase, but one thing has jumped out is that the seating position puts a good amount of pressure on my tail bone. Not sure if it's the lack of padding (my ass apparently doesn't provid… Go to Source

Zero ChaDeMo modification?

I have an all electric car that never came with the option for ChaDeMo, but I would really like to have it.I have not found anywhere that has a "box" that we you can program to a voltage and amperage then connect to the car and ChaDeMo to charge, but … Go to Source

My longest trip and deepest discharge so far.

Yesterday I put 116.4 miles on the Brammo according to the trip meter.  I encountered a very strong headwind for my last 25 miles on a road that I did not feel comfortable at less that 50 mph on.  I learned that the battery icon starts flashing at 20%,… Go to Source

Firmware 2.07

I had my bike at Hollywood Electrics yesterday to have the recall fix implemented.  While I was there, Harlen said a new firmware was just released and asked if I wanted installed now so I did not have to make another trip later.  I am not sure of the… Go to Source

Efficiency between gear ratios

Hey guys! Can you comment about the higher torque gearing that Zero offers and range?I'm planning on using a 2014 DS mainly on highway at ˜90km/h (56mph) and really don't care if topspeed is slower… But I care about range. Go to Source

Shock installation

I finally got around to installing the optional Fox shock (Podium RC, Fox P/N 997-03-003) on my '14 FX.  It appears to be a very high-quality unit, and is supplied with bushing sets for both the '13 and '14 FX.  If other Zero models use similar shock m… Go to Source

Jeremy Clarkston gets the boot

I just heard on the radio that everyone's favorite EV hater, Jeremy Clarkson, was suspended by the BBC for trying to punch-out his producer.  The report said that he already has had half a million emails of support.  My guess is that the BBC wil… Go to Source

New web site

I went to check out the Brammo web site today to see if they've changed anything since the Polaris deal and, um…  It's completely different now.  Check it out: Great picture of an empulse-looki… Go to Source