Kawi getting into the ebike game?

Could be a big deal, could be noting. Still pretty cool to see:[url=http://www.visordown.com/motorcycle-news-new-bikes/kawasakis-electric-ninja-plans/26382.html#ixzz… Go to Source

Zero adds East coast, South and Central Sales network

Got this in a press release this morning: http://insideevs.com/zero-motorcycles-adds-to-north-american-sales-network/ Go to Source

Repair / Service Manual.

I and many other in these forums think it is very poor on Zero part not too have a repair / service manual for their motorcycles.Many forum post are complaining about the lack of a manual and asking other owners how to do repairs or mods because they … Go to Source

LED Spots Update – parting traffic

I recall a while ago someone asked what others found useful to 'part the traffic', such as when moving through a queue.  I posted this a few days ago, but only today managed to go out for a proper ride in rush hour.  Whilst the spots are adjusted not t… Go to Source

More Brammos for sale

Just saw this from the Brammo guys: Déjà vu all over again!   There are just a few 2014 Brammo Empulse/Empulse R and 2013 Enertia Plus motorcycles remaining in US dealerships.   Prices:   Brammo Empulse R       2014   $13995    Brammo Empulse          … Go to Source

May be looking to purchase a 2015 SR – questions

I have been interested in the Zero motorcycles for a while now and may be buying one here in a month or 2.  I have a few questions.  First is the price.  Are dealers willing to negotiate prices with you or are we stuck paying what the MSRP states it is… Go to Source

Speedo calibration help..

Heya peeps.. I have a 2011ds with a 61t rear chain and a new 15t front along with the standard wheels (with dirt tires on them). Not exactly sure how the calculation goes for this setup. Anyone enlighten me? Go to Source

parting out 2010 ds

I'm selling any part, piece by piece, or the whole bike till it's gone and I don't have to look at it anymore. Don't know what's wrong with it and neither do the zero engineers and I'm not paying another penny to get it fixed, even though I'll be losin… Go to Source

Empulse starts but throttle does nothing

Hi Guys, I figured I would post my issue and then update it when and if the issue is resolved by the dealer. A few months ago I was riding to work and stopped at a red light. When the light turned green I twisted the throttle and the bike just sat ther… Go to ...

Off the road…

*Urgh*Sad to report that my Zero is currently off the road, after a rainstorm appears to have killed my bike. Seems that water might have gotten into the motor and is causing a storm of motor temperature, encoder failures & pre-charge errors.Needless… Go to Source