System fault. Error is back again….

Nice spring day today. Good opportunity for a longer ride. With 25% left I shortly peaked topspeed for a few seconds and left the highway. Almost stopped at the traffic lights where I got green and wanted to accelerate. No power and I saw the message … Go to Source

First Ride

Took delivery of a 2014 Zero S 11.4. (Black). Only 650 miles on the clock. What a brilliant ride. I enjoyed it when I had a demo ride. But the ride is brilliant. Such smooth delivery of power, the bike is so well balanced. Just knocked out 70 miles thi… Go to Source

Engine sound

Have over a 1000 miles on my 2015 DS in a little over a month. One thing has really grown on me about the bike. And that is the sound of the engine. Especially when I just crank that throttle all the way from a dead stop. Although it is obviously not t… Go to ...

Swinarm FX/DS 2013 bearing?

Hi, a few days ago I was changing the front sprocket of my FX. Part of that work was to remove the swingarm.As I was dismounting the swingarm, I was surprised to see, how the swingarm is kept in position.Not only that the bearings are ball-type inste… Go to Source

Adventures on a 2014 Zero SR

Been waiting for this for a long time… Looking forward to spring weather, or at least some temps above 32F so I can ride! (Actual adventures coming soon…) Go to Source

Mission Deliveries

It is March of 2015.  The last time Mission provided guidance on delivering, they indicated "Summer" of 2015.  Given the cost, I am certain they would give customers a few months heads up on deliveries.  Has anyone heard anything?? Go to Source

2015 SR review by Rideapart

Rideapart rode a 2015 Zero SR around the Scotts Valley area for 20 miles and has published a review of the bike.  Unfortunately, the included video is not all that interesting – unless you like nice scenery.… Go to Source

Volta city electric motorcycle

The Volta design looks like it has been finalized, along with the specifications and price.  Personally I like the looks of the Volta.  Kind of like a modernized version of the Brammo Enertia.  It should make a good city commuter though – if the price … Go to Source

HUD helmet display

Here is another one.  But I like this because it attaches to any helmet and you can remove it and reinstall it on a new helmet in the future. I won't be contributing to the Kickstarter request, but I would buy one if it is mass produced and marketed. [… Go to Source

Initial experiences with my 2015 SR

So I've had my bike for about two months and thought its a good time to update about my experiences thus far… Some background, I live in Israel and pre-ordered my bike in October. I believe we were some of the first to receive their bikes outside the… Go to Source