iPhone app problems

I've been trying for over 4 days now to get the Zero iPhone app to see my motorcycle, still no dice.  The Bluetooth pairing process works fine, but the app always comes up with the 'Connection Lost' / demo mode BS and never sees any bike data or writes… Go to Source

Tufts University Police Go Electric

http://now.tufts…. Go to Source

Brammo prices and support

Do you think the liquidation sale and sale to Polaris has effected the used market prices of the bikes….I notice more going unsold like that one on eBay last week for $3999? Also how do you get support now if you have an issue? Thanks much for your … Go to Source

What parts would you want fabricated?

So last night, our local bike club had a tech talk about aluminum (fascinating stuff). One of the guys presenting is an engineer for an aerospace company and runs a aluminum fabricating workshop on the side. I chatted with him afterward and mentioned h… Go to Source

FX Handguards?

Anyone have insight on why the FX handguards on the Zero site are only listed for 2014? Wondering what I'll do for guards on my 2015. thanks! Go to Source

Brammo Racing Crew shirt from 2009 TTXGP on eBay

BEST BUY BRAMMO ENERITA PRO MFG Motorsports race used pit crew shirt -L http://www.ebay.com/itm/like/111656449532?item=111656449532&lgeo=1&vectorid=22946… Go to Source

Who wants ChaDeMo

Now that Zero has ceased making ChaDeMo charging available for their systems, we will have to find someone else to make an adapter.  They won't do it if there is no demand.  This poll is designed to see what the demand is for a ChaDeMo fast charging sy… Go to Source

So I Sold My Aprilia Today….Now To Buy 2015 SR Or Wait for 2016 SR?

I sold my Aprilia Mana today, just after being up for sale for 2 months. Not bad once you consider the rough winter that we had in the Northeast, plus the weather is still a little under the norm. Of course I had a lot of low ball offers but ended up g… Go to ...

My LED Headlight

Got my LED headlight and running light in and I really like it.  I haven't ridden it at night yet but it looks great in the garage.  It's pretty darn bright and they look great too.  I did have to modify the locking ring a little bit.  I would recommen… Go to Source

Tidy Tail or not? (fender eliminator)

I got my r&g tidy tail and got it mounted up.  I have yet to wire it.  I am having mixed feelings about it.  I didn't like it at first but now it's growing on me.  Then I watched a video of and SR with the stock rear fender and thought maybe that does … ...