Metric hardware (black, high-strength, unusual, etc.)

Here's a couple sources for metric fasteners – both carry a lot more than the standard zinc-plated hardware store stuff: w… Go to Source

LED indicator DIY video

Hi, i made a little how to video about the conversion to LED indicators on my Brammo Empulse. I didn't use any resistor because i replaced the indicator relay with an LED indicator.… Go to Source

Side Case Recommendations to carry Elcon chargers

I just got the Zero side case mounts for my 2014 SR (which I love, btw!) and am looking to put my Elcon 2500W chargers in side cases.  Any recommendations for cases that work with the mounting system sold by Zero? Here are the two that I'm looking at … Go to Source

Any visual how to guides on ‘water proofing’?

I know many of you are electrical systems whizzes, but I have very limited experience with working on something as complex as my '14 SR. I have recently encountered BMS issues due to condensation(?) and other issues where connectors have been wet. I ha… Go to Source