More charger questions

I can't find anyone to build me a setup with 2 of the meanwell or tdk power supplies.  I can do some basic electrical work but that work seems a little over my head.  My question is what would stop me from buying an Elcon PFC-2500 and a j1772 inlet and… Go to Source

Real life range with Power tank

I just ordered a DS with power tank. What real life range can I expect in different ways of use? Go to Source

Dragrace between Zero SR and Panigale

A Dutch TV show compares the Zero SR to a Panigale as they are level on torque. See for yourself what the result is Motor Test: Elektrische motor vs Verbrandingsmotor – MotoMe – S2/03 Go to Source

New SR Owner — What do you wish you knew right after you bought your first Zero

I picked it up on Saturday. Its the 2014 — I was able to get it at a discount, as it was the last one the dealer had. What do you wish you knew right after you bought your first Zero Thanks! Go to Source

2014 Frame and fork on a 2013 DS

Hi,my 2013 DS is "compressed" after a riding accident (a car suddenly turning to his left home garage while I was overtaking, she said "I didn't hear you coming" !).I almost lost my little right finger due to the compression of the brake lever on the… Go to Source

How easy is it to remove the side rack system?

I just ordered the DS and the side rack system (I don't have these yet). This system seems to be fixed on the bike. How easy/difficult is it to remove this system from the bike and get it back when needed? Go to Source

sell Zero S 2013 Go to Source

Mirror Extenders

I bought a pair of mirror extenders for my '15 SR – I can see (behind me) clearly now  😉 The left side has reversed thread – … Go to Source

Anyone noticing a performance reduction after some years ?

Hi all, A potential buyer for my Zero 2013 seems anxious about a possible reducing performance of the zero battery (in terms of max km of autonomy mainly). Did any of you notice such a performance reduction ? To the contrary, can any "veteran" Zero wit… Go to Source

Lightning motorcycle test ride

Fun to watch video test ride by Gizmag. Go to Source