What parts do I need for a DIY Quick Charger Y Adapter?

I already found a source for the connectors. But what's the wiring of this adapter, like size and how it's connected? Thanks! Go to Source

Motor troubles

Warning! Danger! Don't even try this if you thought for a second you couldn't! That said … on to the good stuff. For those of you not in the Facebook Owners group I will post this here for you. Background:There is a very slight wobble in the sproc… Go to Source

Polaris motorcycle sales up 74% this year

According to this article Polaris motorcycle sales are up 74% for the first quarter of 2015.  It sounds like they should have lots of money to invest in their recently acquired Brammo line.    Go to Source

DIY charger covers / mounting

Enough people have been making DIY chargers and presenting different solutions for mounting them and weatherproofing them. I figured it would be nice to have them all in one location to look at. I have yet to decide on a solution yet as I plan on usin… Go to Source

2014 Speedometer adjustment

how do adjust / calibrate the speedometer on a 2014 Zero? fx how is it adjust after mounted a gearing kit? Go to Source

Companion bike

So just curious what everyone's companion bike is. I mean, the bike you take for stuff your Brammo can't do. Long trips, dirt, 2-up, etc.. My current gas bike is a 2001 Yamaha FZ1, but I'm thinking of swapping it for an SV650. Also wouldn't mind a dual… Go to Source

Are Delta-Q, Elcon and TC Charger chargers the same?

When I compare the pictures of these brands, they look very similar with their yellow cover. Are these all produced in the same factory? Delta-Q: Elcon:[img]http://www.electriccarpartscompany.com/a… Go to Source

Motorcyclist magazine 2015 Zero S long-term test

Motorcyclist magazine has acquired a 2015 Zero S with power tank for long-term testing.  I noticed the article on page 90 of the June 2015 issue of the magazine. At the time the article was written the bike had 401 miles on the clock and the ed… Go to Source

System failure D4 on highway

Hej there, on the 4th of april I became the proud owner of a True Blood Red Empulse R . An ideal motorbike for traveling to work and afterwards on the way back riding some detours through the curvy "polders"roads. I loved ever minute on the bike eve… Go to Source

Polaris goes shopping again

Not to leave any motorcycle technology not-purchased, Polaris has bought a motorcycle snow bike conversion company.  I recall seeing at least one company advertising in Cycle World for this type of conversion during the mid-1960's, but it looks … Go to Source