Victory Project 156 Victory Charger rel… Go to Source

Sevcon CanBus system

Short and sweet.  Can someone lay out the feasibility of reprogramming the sevcon speed controller in the 2015 Zero bikes?  I don't need to change anything now but some time down the line I would like to make a few changes to the bike. So I couldn't fi… Go to Source

Charging the DS at public chargers in Europe

I found a Type 2 – Schuko adapter for use at public chargers. Does this work with the Zero DS? Go to Source

Power Tank by demand

Since the FX is able to automatically detect a second battery pack. Why can't a SR/DS/S automatically detect if a Power Tank is installed or not? Or a 4th monolith in the case of 9.5 DS/S?I know this can be limited by the firmware (and probably is). W… Go to Source

2015 SR Instrument Panel, wherefore art thou?

Hi, A new development in the ongoing saga of early-adopter-hood.  Ok, that may be a bit over the top, but hey!  I'm seeing a string of niggles here. Oh, and by early adopter, I mean it in both senses – EV, and brand new model year.  I know I wouldn't h… Go to Source

Brammo/Zero Showdown!

it"s about time!… Go to Source

Storage bin for FX/XU battery compartment

Just thought I'd share a cheap DIY storage option for all those 2.8ers. Go to Source

2.8 and 5.7 Zero FX power output?

I don't understand how both versions have the same top speed, same torque, yet different horsepower. Can somebody explain why the second battery increases HP but not torque? Is the second battery that useful in the dirt for more than just range anxiety… Go to Source

Zero FX Drive Belt questions:

How hard is it to replace in the field?  What tools do you need? To push an FX back to camp, must you remove the belt to stop EMF resistance? How much are spare belts?  Are they generic or Zero specific? How often do they break when riding off-road in … Go to Source

Chain & Sprockets (520 / 530)

The 27.5" diameter knobby on my '14 FX dirt conversion reduced acceleration so I installed a 71T sprocket, using the stock 12T front sprocket and a 113 link chain.  I'm very happy with the results, but if you need a super-low ratio like this I'd go wit… Go to Source