Zero 20125 shipments delayed in Australia.

And this is why australia is late in getting Zero's "There will soon be a new local suitor for the electric motorcycle brand Zero, which was left out in the cold when the previous importer pulled the pin before Christmas Zero Motorcycles is close t… Go to Source

Energica Ego goes drag racing…

Just watch and want… Go to Source

Motorcycle technology article has published a short article regarding advancing motorcycle technology which features electric motorcycles (including the Empulse) prominently in the discussion: Go to Source

Dutch EM Meet – June 13th

On Saturday June 13th Dutch EM Meet is scheduled. Participants: – Roan (Enertia+)– ? Every electric motorcycle owner (eg Brammo, Zero, Energica, Tacita, Lito Green Motion, etc.)… Go to Source

It’s a tough business – Buell goes broke

In today's sad news, Erik Buell Racing has declared bankruptcy, laid off 126 employees and has stopped manufacturing motorcycles:… Go to Source

2009 Brammo Enertia on eBay

Quote This is a very rare find.  She's a 2009 Brammo Enertia.  It was picked up late last year as a carryover.  The bike is in basically new condition. [url=… Go to Source

Buying the DS 9.4 kWh and upgrade to 12.5kWh?

Hello. I have almost decided to get myself a Zero DS, but I am not sure if I should get the 9.4 kWh model or the 12.5. I asked the reseller here in Norway if it is possible to upgrade the 9.4 to 12.5 later and they said no.Is this really true? As far … ...

Wanted: 2012 DS rear sprocket

I need to replace my bent 2012 DS rear sprocket. Anybody got one I can buy? Go to Source

The old and the new

I like all different types of motorcycles and when my BMW dealer took a 2011 Royal Enfield Bullet 500, with only 1K miles on the clock, in on trade and then decided that they hated the thing being on their lot, I took advantage of their predicament to … Go to Source

Trefecta DRT Hybrid Bike

This bike is very interesting, some lofty claims. I'm torn with the overall look of it, I think I like it… [img width=600 height=894]http://main-designyoutrust… Go to Source