Zero’s Luke interviewed about battery design has interviewed Luke (liveforphysics), the Zero battery guy, and has published this article:  [url=… Go to Source

Rearsets for your Empulse!

Here you go: Go to Source

Reading Log Files

I'm trying to read my log files from the USB under the seat to figure out what happened to cause my accident a few months back. Has anyone be able to decode how the data is stored in these files? I'm currently trying to figure out the pattern to write … Go to Source

2012 DS rear wheel bearing equivalents

I need to order the 3 rear wheel bearings for my 2012 DS. What name brand bike (year and make) has bearings that would work? Are all 3 bearings identical for the rear? Go to Source

Stash tube for registration and insurance

After a bit of searching to find a place to store a copy of my registration and insurance on the motorcycle, I ran across this stash tube that mounts to the license plate bracket. [url=… Go to Source

Zero-S Motor upgrade spotted in the Wild

While I was picking up my bike from my Dealer, I spotted a 2012 Zero-S ZF9 which has received the fabled motor upgrade and was awaiting collection. [img]https://imagizer.imageshack… Go to Source

KTM Freeride-E production plans

The May issue of Motorcyclist magazine contains a one-page interview with KTM's President and CEO, Stefan Pierer, (on page 11) in which they ask him 10 questions, two of which are about the Freeride-E. Mr. Pierer states that there is currently g… Go to Source

Cheap DIY Fast charging your ZERO for those who can

The demand is so high for FAST charging  that i thought that for those who can't affort a 1500-2000$ solution like the Elcon,  but that have some DIY experience in electronic like me could have an alternative. BE AWARE THAT IF… Go to Source

2014 Zero DS throttle accelerates when lying on its side

A friend of mine stepped off his bike as it started leaning over too far over while stopped on a hill. The motor accelerated and the wheel started spinning at moderate, and accelerating, speed. We flipped the kill switch, lifted it up, and it has been … Go to Source

At home charing options?

What kind of charging options do I have to charge my 15 Zero SR?  I realize I can buy multiple 1.3kW chargers from zero but I have seen some people buying aftermarket chargers up to 7kW.  I have a 240v 30 amp clipper creek charger we use for my wife's … Go to Source