The latest Mugen electric superbike

Here is the latest version of the Mugen electric superbike that they call "Shinden Yon" (god of electricity four):… Go to Source

Consumer Reports on motorcycle repairs – again

Consumer Reports has published another article about motorcycle reliability, starting on page 52 of their May 2015 issue.  Its is not clear to me if this is a regurgitated version of the information that they presented last year or compiled from a new … Go to Source

free floating rotor in electric motor

The University of Vienna published a prototype of electric motor.The rotor is fixed by magnetic bearing.Vienna will present the prototype at the "Hannover Messe" 13. – 17. 4. 2015.One can have doubt that the magnetic bearing withstand the tension of… Go to Source

Zero SR reliability for hard core commuter?

What say you?  I know this is falling back on reliance on anecdotes.  The data so far on the demographics thread are not encouraging, but they cover a range of models and years.  Here I'm asking for opinions on if this will work.  I really want to go e… Go to Source

Just Demoed the 2015 SR

So I finally went and demoed the SR and must say that I am in love. It was just so fun and definitely beat my expectations. I have read a lot on this forum about other's experiences and must say that there is nothing like trying it out for yourself. Al… Go to Source

UK to subsidize electric motorcycles and scooters

According to this article, the UK will soon be providing a subsidy of up to 1,500 pounds for each electric motorcycle or scooter sold in the country: [url=… Go to Source

Empulse rearsets

My name is Murrae Haynes and I race an Empulse R in AHRMA e-supersport. I've been working with Eric Wood at Woodcraft on rearsets for the Empulse R and tested a set at NOLA last weekend. They work extremely well and the fit and finish is up to their re… Go to Source

2015 SR Front Wheel Vibration, Rear Wheel Noise While Braking

This was mentioned in other threads – thought I'd start a separate one dedicated to this issue, in case others are experiencing the same problems. When I picked up my new bike a couple of months ago I noticed a vibration from the front wheel that occur… Go to Source

Texas Malorie’s Law/ TX HB3838 SECTION 3.  Section 545.416(b), Transportation Code, is amended to read as follows:           (b)  An operator may not carry another person on the motorcycle, and a person who is not operating the motorcycle… Go to Source

So I got to test ride an FX and an S….

So I got to do my test drive on the bikes my "local" dealer had (1.5hrs away).  They only had an FX 5.7 and a S (not sure on battery).  I tried the FX first and was very pleased with the responsiveness of the bike and the torque…my god the torque!  I… Go to Source