Zero display protection film?

Noticed a bit of goo landed on my screen while riding and I made the terrible mistake of not realizing how abrasive the fingertips of my gloves are. Derrp. So now I've got some annoying scratches in the surface. If it hadn't been blazing hot I doubt it… Go to Source

TC (Elcon) Canbus Fast Charger setup, parts & costs

My TC chargers finally arrived and I have been able to get them working well. Here are the details of the setup, parts and approximate costs. 2 x TC Max 130V 18A chargers with CANBUS support2 x Batrium Umon/Sican/Cmon to configure, enable and monitor … Go to Source

2015 Zero FX dead . . . this was my trade assist for a 2013 that died . . .

My brand new 2015 FX is now dead.  Same exact problem as my 2013 FX.  It was plugged in at 100 % yesterday.  Today, the screen is dead, the BMS chips don't have any indicators, Zero support is sleeping.  I took over 18 months to trade assist my dead 2… Go to Source

Gaffers tape

One of the more common questions I get when someone is eyeing up my bike is "What is that hose for?".  They are referring to the air cooling hose that runs from the drive motor to the cooling fan under the back fender.  I think the hose looks out of pl… Go to Source

Brammo Empulse Red Cobra for sale

Many of you have seen the pictures and now you can own it. The red Cobra is for sale. [url=… Go to Source

Bar ends: wich one will fit a Zero S

Hi guys, i´m a newbie in terms of a motorcycle user but my first one is a Zero S. I'll like to know wich size bar ends will fit my 2014 Zeros S  handlebar. Has anyone install bar end mirrors? Thank you for your answers! Regards from Santiago, Chile R… Go to Source

Zero’s new superbike

Seriously, I started thinking about it, and it's really only a matter of time, don't you think?  But beyond that, this is the time.… Go to Source

No more Facebook page?

While it could be a simple web site problem that explains the fact that the Mission Facebook page in down you really have to wonder. Since last September the only activity on the Mission Facebook page has been the promise of a new and exciting update c… Go to Source

2015 Zero FX vs SR

I'm new to the forum and very new to E-bikes. Just needed some advise and feedback. I'm over 6 feet 3 inches and weigh around 215 lbs. I test rode the 2015 SR and FX back to back and loved both. The SR feels more planted and solid on the street than th… Go to ...

61,000 mile test drive

Soooo… my SR went in to the dealer with 1,067 miles on it. I just noticed it came back out with 61,853 miles on the odo! That's a hell of a test drive! And I'm impressed the original tires still look so good! (The line for "Ferris Bueller's day off" … Go to Source