2015 Zero FX vs SR

I'm new to the forum and very new to E-bikes. Just needed some advise and feedback. I'm over 6 feet 3 inches and weigh around 215 lbs. I test rode the 2015 SR and FX back to back and loved both. The SR feels more planted and solid on the street than th… Go to ...

61,000 mile test drive

Soooo… my SR went in to the dealer with 1,067 miles on it. I just noticed it came back out with 61,853 miles on the odo! That's a hell of a test drive! And I'm impressed the original tires still look so good! (The line for "Ferris Bueller's day off" … Go to Source

Better mirrors for the 2015 Zeros

Buy the 2014 ones! So I am built like an orangutan, and I can drag elbows on both sides at once. I can adjust my mirrors so I can see my choice of shoulders or elbows. My FJR has about the only stock mirrors that were usable because they're mounted way… Go to Source

2013 s to sell

http://www.leboncoin.fr/motos/809289342.htm?ca=21_s Go to Source

oset got wet 1

Hi my son washed his oset 20 it now only runs very slowly any ideas please? Cheers

New Zero pricing, $1350 lower than before

I just saw a post on facebook that Zero lowered their MSRP on all 2015 models!  Checked their website and it is true!  A 2015 Zero S starts at $11,995 instead of $13,395. http://www.zeromotorcycles…. Go to Source

Which windscreen is OK?

I am searching for a windscreen for my 2015 DS. Zero has some windscreens in their shop, but there are also other universal screens that should fit.What windscreen do you have and are you happy with this? Does this windscreen reduce energy consumption… Go to Source

Kruger Wins Portland Business Journal’s 2015 CFO of the Year

Kinda strange, imo.  Story here: http://insideevs.com/brammos-ken-kruger-wins-portland-business-journals-cfo-year/ Go to Source

Yikes! Fault Codes: A6, B6, B40 – Dead.

Hope this can be fixed before te meeting in june.After a long episode of riding with the Error code B9, the dash flashed some new codes on the display.The engine stopped and I was coasting among heavy traffic on the highway.Fortunately the engine st… Go to Source

2013 DS BMS code

I went out for a quick ride today and plugged the bike in and it charged liked normal.  Dash light flashed green and about 2 hours later charge light was solid and the clicking sound was coming from the charger like it always does when it is done.  I l… Go to Source