A Ducati Hypermotard conversion

Hey guys.  Check this out!  I would love to see Polaris and Ducati battle it out in the EV market.    http://www.autoblog.com/2015/05/18/ducati-ceo-really-ride-electr… Go to Source

How many miles to expect from 2013 original tires?

So how many miles should I expect from the original 2013 S tires doing mostly highway commuting?  Thanks. Go to Source

Help! Code 41 ’13 Zero DS

Hello, I recently purchased a 2013 Zero DS a month ago and already have an issue that won't allow me to drive it. I parked the bike at a hardware store only to come out to have the bike throw a code 41 which according to the manual is a temperature sen… Go to Source

2012 Motor Replaced Poll

I am curious about 2012 motor replacements and repairs. Seeing how there are many threads about it, I start a poll and get responses here.If you do vote can you do a short post with more details. Is there a case for a recall? Go to Source

First Time I Saw the Temp Light on My SR

When I left work tonight the sun was low in the sky, the winds were picking up and traffic was light. I decided to make the trip home a brief one. I leaned into the curve of the freeway on-ramp and opened up the throttle. I flew north at speeds between… Go to Source

Another 2012 Zero S with motor problem

I think my 2012 Zero S ZF9 has the motor problem described by others in recent posts. Late last fall (soon after I had the firmware updated to fix the original "glitch") and again this spring (I didn't ride over the winter), I often had brief incident… Go to Source

FX 2.8 – battery in front or rear compartment?

Purchased a new 2014 FX 2.8 (one battery).Bike will be used for off road fun only, and will not serve as a transportation tool. I am a complete beginner in the bike arena, and will take it slowly, starting with some unpaved dirt roads and move my way… Go to Source

Zero FX 12v Outlet Location?

The kit included a bracket for mounting but no indication of where to put it. Also wondering where I'll find the sumitomo connector. Any tips are appreciated! Go to Source

eTourEurope Emeetingpoint Mechelen May 12

The eTourEurope went through Belgium and had a stop at Mechelen.They asked Ev-riders to visit them while they where charging.Went there thinking that I probably would be the only 2-wheeler … Turns out this was not true ..Here are some photo's: [ur… Go to Source

Cheaper Top Case option instead of Givi with Pics

I just wanted to post a cheaper option than a $250 Givi. http://tinyurl.com/n83lw3k It was $36 shipped. I used to have the larger version on my 650 scooter but decided on the smaller one that fits 1 helmet. Very e… Go to Source