eTourEurope Emeetingpoint Mechelen May 12

The eTourEurope went through Belgium and had a stop at Mechelen.They asked Ev-riders to visit them while they where charging.Went there thinking that I probably would be the only 2-wheeler … Turns out this was not true ..Here are some photo's: [ur… Go to Source

Cheaper Top Case option instead of Givi with Pics

I just wanted to post a cheaper option than a $250 Givi. It was $36 shipped. I used to have the larger version on my 650 scooter but decided on the smaller one that fits 1 helmet. Very e… Go to Source

2013 FX riding in Holister’s hill in CA Hope  this link works. This is a short video my friends took. I am in front on the FX and he is on a Honda CR400 Holister's hill is a great place to ride. Enjoy Go to Source

motor recall?

In my exasperation with Zero refusing to cover the cost of my motor replacement under warranty, I had a look at the definition of a safety defect here in the UK: "A safety related defect is a failure due to design and/or construction, which is likely t… Go to Source

EMPULSE —–what now ????????? Is it another Fisker ?

I own a 13  Empulse and am not sure of my options . My dealer called and informed me that they were dropped as a dealer and that  the brand and model are dead. Firstly is this true ? If so any —-idea about parts or technical data  aka software ?  I … Go to ...

V78 – Real Time Clock Not Working

Anyone get this before? It came on yesterday and hasn't turned off since. The clock on the dash isn't working any longer (seems to revert to about 6:15am every time the bike is turned off). Is this something I should be worried about? Go to Source

FX front turn signals – asymmetric?

Having a blast w my 2015 FX. While poking around I noticed the front indicators are mounted asymmetrical with both sides off center on every angle. Just wondering if this is the norm and if so – why? Seems they would swing clear in identical opposing … Go to Source

Karmic Koben eBike on Kickstarter

Its no electric motorcycle but I wanted to see what people here think of this eBike:… Go to Source

Anyone recognize that clicking sound?

Sorry if some of you have already seen this.  Firepower suggested that I post my question here instead of in the tech help section.  So here it goes… Anyone recognize that clicking sound?  It only happens when the bike (2013 Zero DS) is coasting.  Wh… Go to Source

Video of eMotoRacing at Willow Springs

Hollywood Electrics just posted this video from Time Warner Cable News: Time Warner Cable News – Electric Motorcycle Racing Harlan Flagg and Arthur Kowitz are featured. Go to Source