Has anyone dyno-ed a bike yet?

So as I have gotten used to the acceleration of my FX 5.7 I have been noticing that the torque is not exactly 70F/lb from 0RPM as stated.  I would say that the torque does not max out until about 20MPH or higher where you can get a noticeable increase … Go to Source

Overheating 2012 ZF9

I have a problem when my Zero S ZF9 goes into reduced power mode due to overheating motor when used at higher speeds or sustained acceleration bursts. The red triangle blinks and then the power is reduced. Is this normal?Does anyone have a solution to… Go to Source

Belt failure

So I was out tonight with my zero 2013 SR (see signature) and decided to open her up on a straight where the speed limit was high enough to have a couple seconds of fun from a stop light. I got up to around 40 and that is when I thought I slipped my b… ...

New San Jose Zero dealer

Just visited the new Zero dealer at BMW motorcycles in San Jose.Had new Michilin Pilot 4 rear tire put on.Only costs $55. Fast service and they offer to check out the logs and updrade the sw if necessary and tune the throttle settings for $99.Very f… Go to Source

Fully charge Tesla or Scooter in minute….

Do you think this could apply to all electrics including Brammo bikes? http://techcrunch.com/2015/05/05/nucleus-scientific-launches-to-revolutionize-batteries… Go to Source

Zero DS 2012 with Brammo engine

Hello Have now finally my new Brammo engine (Heinzmann PERM 120) received.After preparation of holder I could make the first fitting session.Toothed belt wheel I'll get in the next few days.Has anyone of you a IXXAT USB to CAN Adapter V 1.5 or 1.6 Go to Source

Zero Fx power under 50%

Hi everyone. I have been driving 2014 zero fx for month now. So far great to drive this silent wheelie machine from 100% charge to 50%. After that it feels lame  Is there some limit on european version to get better range or might there be somethi… Go to Source

aftermarket charger

Hi guys this is my first time in this forum, I live in Santiago from Chile and i will like to buy a bigger harger for my bike.Can i use these charger on my Zero S 2014 11.4kw? and mount it on a topcase. ELCON PFC5000 Charger 5kW, 36-312VDC link: [url=… Go to Source

2015 SR VIN – wrong digit/character?

Hello. I haven't received my bike (2015 SR) yet, but the dealer sent med the VIN: 538SM7Z3xFCGxxxxx (removed control digit and serial number ) According to the manual the M7 part means "15 MY S/SR/SP (9.4)" and M8 means "15 MY S/SR/SP (12.5)". Has a… Go to Source

Dutch Empulse R pics

Just sharing a few of my Empulse pics: My Empulse, Dutch Tulips and the Dutch windmill literary providing the bike's windpower: [img width=600 height=600]http://piloot.smugmug.com/Motorcycles/Brammo-Empulse-R/General-pics/i-J235j8b/0/O/windmill.jpg[/im… Go to Source