Anyone have a Zero Quick Charger Y Adapter they want to sell

Looking for a Zero Quick Charger Y Adapter 2013-2015 version. Please PM or email me if you have one you no longer need. There are no dealers in Australia to by these from after we lost our Zero distributor. Thanks Go to Source

Tesla energy home battery systems

Well, that's one way to generate economies of scale. It's interesting that the 10 kWh is $3,500 and the $7kWh system is $3,000. Pretty close to the going rate, right? Anyway, hope they build a ton while bringing the costs down and energy density up. On… Go to Source

Best place to get a j1772 adapter

The place where I work had on site chargers but they only have j1772 connections. Is the dealer the only place to buy a decent adapter? Thanks in advance. Go to Source