Wierd charger question

Okay so I got the delta q in the mail today and hooked the bike up to the same outlet I always hook it up to and then hooked the delta q up to a different circuit.  All seemed well for a while but then the circuit breaker flipped on the on board charge… Go ...

update 2013 DS problems

Talked to my dealer today turns out the lack of full charging, no regen for the first 10 miles, 24 hour charging to get 8 bars, charging at 10 amps 3 amps .24 amps in a 1 min cycle, too many warning lights to count, was caused by a bad BMS.  For everyb… Go to ...

oset mx


Raffebikes mx bike

http://www.raffebikes.com/Home_Page.php http://youtu.be/DoadSSbNxIM

Deller electric motorcycles

Deller electric motorcycles : http://deller.pro/https://youtu.be/Wk-dXDy79_M

Best place for adding passenger footpegs for XU ?

Sometimes I want to take a passenger with my XU 2013 for short distances, and it is getting really uncomfortable when the put their feet behind my heels 😉 … so I need passenger footpegs. Now I saw there are some official for FX2014+:  [url=http:/… Go to Source


Hello everybody — Welp, this post marks: the continuation of the teaser in this thread, my third annual Shaming Of You All For Not Showing Up To Refuel, and … Go to Source

Thinking hard about the SR

Finally got some clearance to get myself a bike again – last one was a Minsk in Vietnam over 10 years ago) and am thinking really hard about the SR and S. With a pretty busy schedule, I will be using it for fairly short commutes (<10 miles) but want to… Go to Source

2015 FX Flasher?

Anyone know where to find the front flasher or better what type it is for a clean upgrade to LED in the front? Go to Source

UK Re-entry

Did anyone else get an email today about Zero selecting dealerships in London with an invite to test ride the 2015 range on July 5th? Go to Source