2014 SR Clock Malfunction

My 2014 SR has developed a non-serious and yet interesting issue.  I discovered it yesterday when I unplugged my bike and went to go for a ride.  The clock in the upper left corner of the dash will no longer display a time other than "00:00".  I tried … Go to Source

Has Anyone Lowered Their Zero Yet?

Hello all, I am sure that most people have read all of my questions about purchasing an SR, but wanted to know if anyone has had their bike lowered yet? Me being a shorter rider, definitely will be getting my bike lowered some way. Just not sure which … Go to Source

Looking at a 2012 XU – anything I should be looking or worried about?

Hi Folks, There is a 2012 Zero XU w/6500 kms for sale here in Canada and was wondering besides the software recall what else could or may go wrong in the near future.  The seller is looking for $3300 which was a little high even two years ago when they… Go to Source


It's been a while.  I'm not a huge forum user, much as I try.  I used to BBS a lot wayback, and the layout web forums use just seems to bloody inefficient by comparison I can't stay glued as much as I'd like.  Since I've been around last I've relocated… Go to Source

43mm KTM forks

I've found 43mm alternative forks that will fit the '14 FX triple clamps (and possibly the '13 and '15 FX too, but I've no measurements for those) – the '03 to '16  KTM 85 SX forks.  Here are the specs (the KTM travel and OAL may vary slightly between … Go to Source

Video of Brammo Empulse

He calls it the future of motorcycles. The FUTURE of Motorcycles. News While Riding The Brammo Empulse Sport Electric Motorcycle. Go to Source

Voxan gives up

Another one bites the dust:  http://news.motorbiker.org/blogs.nsf/dx/end-of-the-line-again-for-electric-voxan.htm Too bad. That was an(other) interesting d… Go to Source

Choosing the right bike Zero S, SR, or other

Hello everyone, I've been impressed with this forum for some time now, it seems to be the best resource online when it comes to electric bikes and with the inevitable increase in the number of bikes, I expect it will only get better. I'm looking to le… Go to Source

2011 Zero MX service manual

Hi, Anyone know where I can get this service manual? The battery is beeping an error but the volts seem up to spec. Could be a bad BMS. So I really need a wiring diagram of the bike. – Thanks Go to Source

Zero receive another $3.5M loan from Invus

As reported here http://www.octafinance.com/zero-motorcycles-3-53-million-financing-richard-walker-by-jm-lewis… Go to Source